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Nathan Fanfic

It’s the Kiss of Life - Nathan Sykes

The dates in this fic are all mixed up :’) Ignore them. Please.

[10/09/11] Just re-read this fic. I hate it:’)

[29/12/11] Finished! 24 Chapters, some random bonus chapters and an epilogue :)

Chapter 1

A shiver ran through my body as the icy wind struck me again. How long had I been enduring these conditions? I checked my watch. 5 hours.

My friend Lucy wasn’t coping well; she was one step away from catching pneumonia.

We were perched on the wall of a tall house. Snow covered the pavement and ice hugged the road. What else do you expect in mid December?

“Do you want my coat, Luce?” I asked my brunette friend.

“No, you’ll freeze to death!” She exclaimed, her green eyes wide. “Plus, Jay can always give me a hug when he comes out!”

“Fair enough…” I said chuckling. “But seriously, one of them better come out soon.” Lucy nodded, shivering. I threw my arm round her and pulled her close, feeling her snuggling into my body heat.

“You’re boiling.” She murmered.

“No, you’re freezing.” I laughed. I checked my phone to see if any of the boys had tweeted. We were here for one purpose and one alone; to meet the Wanted, a boyband who we’d obsessed over for ages. We’d met them before, of course, many times. But this was special. You see, they’d recently bought a temporary house in our town. Better yet; it was only a 10 minute walk from my house and a 30 minute walk from Lucy’s. I considered it fate’s 18th birthday present to me.

Yeah, my birthday was last week. It wasn’t special. I just had a few members of family and my friends round for a movie night.

Point is, since nothing major happened last week, I feel that fate had stepped in and forced the Wanted to choose this house. Now I just had to meet them. I wouldn’t call it stalking; more like waiting. Curiousity, you see. I’m curious to know if they’ll come out. Well, the blinds are shut and they probably can’t see us.

So I’ve been tweeting them. Every member. I pressed “new tweet” and typed in @NathanTheWanted @SivaTheWanted I can hear your Niva fun from out here, look out the window?

And pressed ‘tweet’.

Lucy’s body was warming me up, so that was an up side. We’d considered knocking on the door a few times, but that would be a deliberate invasion of privacy, and I don’t like doing that kind of thing.

There was a crash from inside, followed by a few cheers of sarcasm. Excitement built up; that was them! I could hear them! Now, if only they came out…


Half an hour later, and I was sure that I was at death’s door. My toes and my fingers were achingly numb and I could see that they lacked colour. They were literally white as a sheet.

Lucy had sat back up, and so I was cold again. I looked at my watch. 4:33pm. I had to be back for 6. I’d really like to be back for 5; that was just after half time. Yep, die hard United fan right here. The match had begun at 4ish and it was the last match of the season; a friendly. They were playing West Ham. It’d be an easy win.

My phone buzzed, meaning one of the lads had tweeted. I checked it and saw that it was Jay ‘@NathanTheWanted just broke my skittle drawer. Thanks mate.’ A picture was tagged, and I looked at it. It was Nathan, looking guilty next to a collapsed drawer. A few skittles were scattered across the floor.

“Lucy, that bang we heard…” I said, showing her the photo. She laughed.

Suddenly, some movement caught my eye. I looked up to see the wooden blinds being drawn back, then the window opened. Lucy grasped my hand and squeezed it tight.

“What are you two doing down there, eh?” It was Siva. I leant back, smiling up to him.

“Waiting for you, silly!” I shouted. Lucy was frozen beside me. She always got starstruck by the boys, no matter what. I did too, secretly, but I could disguise it.

“Are you…” He glanced down at something in his hand. His phone. “Gemma_TW?” I beamed. My tweets had been noticed!

“Yeah! Are you…” I pretended to look at my phone. “SivaTheWanted?” He laughed.

“Yehhhp!” He beamed down at us. “Stay there…” He leaned back into the house, shutting the window but not the blinds. I could see a few shadows in the background, then suddenly, Max was at the window, making funny faces. I smiled, then stuck my tongue out. Lucy unfroze and puffed her cheeks out whilst widening her eyes. Max smiled and pulled back from the window.

The door opened and I stood up abruptly.

“Hey!” Siva and Jay stepped out. I pulled Lucy up and dragged her to ther door, where Jay beamed at us.

“Bloody hell, aren’t you cold?” He asked, shivering.

“Freezing.” Lucy managed to say, her teeth chattering.

Siva and Jay exchanged a look.

“Jayne’s not coming back ‘til tomorrow, right?” Jay asked.

“Nope!” Siva beamed knowingly.

“Come in, warm yourselves up!” Jay said, ushering us in. Lucy stepped right in, attracted to the warmth, but I lingered behind, hesitant. They may be my favourite boyband and yeah, my heart was about to explode, but they were strangers and I kinda felt cheeky just invading their privacy like that.

“We’re inviting you in.” Jay said, practically pulling me through the door into the warm living room. Siva shut the door behind us, shivering. He did only have a tank top on.

The living room wasn’t anything special; they had just moved in after all. A fireplace was alight, a rug lying infront of it. A table at the side had an envelope and two sets of keys on it, and a line of coat pegs hung on the wall. A few coats were strewn on it and one lay on the floor, crumpled up.

But I was here. I was actually in The Wanted’s (temporary) house!

Chapter 2

There was a couch at the end of the room. A boy sat on it, staring at the TV in the corner. He looked tense, a serious expression glued to his face.

I followed his gaze, and smiled as I saw what was on the TV.

The match! Typical Nathan Sykes. I turned to Jay.

“Do you mind if I watch the match?” I asked, smiling up at him. He really was tall. Well, at 6’1”, of course. I was 5’6” at most. His curly hair bounced as he laughed, his blue eyes lighting up.

“You’ve just met the Wanted after being in that freezing weather for God knows how long, and now you want to watch the match?” I smiled sheepishly. “Go ahead, Nath’ll be glad to have someone to enthuse with.”

“Thanks!” I said turning to the TV. A quick glance at Lucy told me she was more than happy chatting to Tom and Max in the Kitchen. Siva was stood near them, making tea.

I headed over to the couch and sat down next to Nathan, his body heat warming my ice cold skin. The fire was doing wonders for my shivering.

He turned to me as he felt the sofa sag slightly under my weight.

“Aye up, who are you?” Nathan asked, his eyes sparkling.

“Gemma Harrison. Big, big, BIG fan of you guys.” I smiled, holding out my hand. “Sorry to intrude, but I love United!”

“You’re not, honest. I need someone to talk to me about them.” He beamed, shaking my hand. “I’m Nathan Sykes.”

“I know who you are, silly.” I laughed. “I just told you, I’m a big fan.”

I think we realised simultaneously that we hadn’t broke our handshake. I pulled away, my face heating up. Nathan smirked, and then shivered.

“Your hands are like ice!” He exclaimed.

“I have been waiting in the freezing snow for 5 hours for one of you to come out…”

5 hours? Bloody ‘ell, good job someone noticed you!” Nath said. We turned to the TV.

“Go on Nani…” I mumbled. Nani was pushing the ball up to the end of the pitch. I didn’t think he’d get past the group of defenders, but he did, manouvering the ball to the goal and…

“YYYEEESS!” Nathan and I roared.

“Bloody hell, you’d think someone had had an orgasm!” Max chirped from the background, making Lucy giggle.

Nathan and I exchanged a proud glance as we collapsed backwards onto the couch.

“3 nil.” I said proudly.

“Yeah, but there’s still 10 minutes of game time and 8 mins of extra. They could still fight back.”

West Ham? You must be kidding me.”

“Don’t underestimate them. You see the one with the mullet? New player. From Germany. Excellent Midfielder.”

“Really?” I asked, quite shocked. West Ham had always been a sort of joke-team in my house. But they had been winning a lot of lately.

“But United are still the best, of course. No one can beat Rooney.” Nathan laughed.

“You’re right there.” I smiled. He beamed back at me.

Chapter 3

“Did you see old Fergy’s face when the game ended?” I laughed. “Nearly spat out his gum!”

Nath joined in with my chuckles. “4-0, what a score!”

We started a chorus of “Glory, Glory Man United”, and Lucy rolled her eyes at me from her place next to the fire.

“Tea?” Nathan asked, standing up.

“Please. Two sugars.” I smiled up at him, and he went to the kitchen. I used this time wisely.

“Lucy,” I said, walking over to my friend and sitting next to her on the floor. “How awesome is this?”

“I know!” Lucy replied, almost squealing. “My heart’s gonna explode from excitement! Jay talked to us! To me!” She giggled. I joined in.

“Oooh ‘eck, shouldn’t have let the gigglers in, bird.” Max chirped from across the room, where he’d just been on the phone to someone. Probably Michelle.

“You’re telling me!” Jay winked at us, making Lucy giggle again. He came over and talked to us for a while.

“I could show you, if you want!” He exclaimed after 5 minutes of heated conversation about his lizard.

“See Tia in person? It’s my dream!” Lucy squealed. Jay led her upstairs. I scanned the small room. Tom had turned the match over to a repeat of Baywatch as a joke, but Max had soon sat down next to him and they had begun watching it, chatting about the Hoff and the girls. I saw Nathan manouver out of the kitchen, 2 cups in his hand.

“Your tea, ma’am.” He said as he approached me, smiling.

“Finally! I thought you’d been sucked up by the kettle or something!” I took a sip from the cup. “Not bad.”

“My tea-making skills are amazing.”

I smiled at him.”Of course. Who’s cup is this?”

“Elvis’” Nathan smirked.

“Shut up.” I said, shoving him playfully. Bloody hell, I’m such a flirt.

“It’s mine.” He smirked at me. “I have two cups.” He was clutching a United cup, and mine had orange spots on it.

“I feel honoured.” I smiled. “Wait a second!” I put the cup down on the nearest side table and pulled out my phone.

Nathan looked at me questioningly.

“Sorry, my followers will totally not believe that I’m drinking from Nathan Sykes’ actual cup! Oh-Em-Gee, we could be sharing saliva!” This was actually the conversation that was happening in my mind right then.

“Well, we better sort that out!” He laughed, letting me get my cup and then pulling me in and throwing his arm round me. I took the photo of us holding our cups up proudly.

“Thank you, of famous one.”

“It’s okay, commoner.” He turned his nose up at me playfully. “Where did your mate go?”

“That’s a good question…” I said, turning to the staircase.

Chapter 4

“She went up there with Jay…” I said, pointing up to the landing.

“Oh dear. She’s never coming back, I’m so sorry.” Nathan said, shaking his head in pity. I laughed and shoved him.

“Shut up, I trust Jay.” I laughed again. “Don’t tell her I told you, but Lucy’s sorta in love with him.”

Nathan just laughed, sipping at his tea. I sipped mine too.

Max said something and Tom laughed. I couldn’t help but smile at the infectiousness of it. Siva had now joined them, but was sat on the floor, near to the fire. His silouette was cast onto the wall behind him. The perfect winter’s night.

“I don’t think I actually believe this is real life.” Nathan looked at me, cocking his head to one side. “I mean, you’re The Wanted!” I laughed. “Actually, I’m dreaming this.”

“You are.” Nath said. “I’m not really here…” He said, draining his tea and leaving the cup on the side, backing up to the stairs. I finished my tea and placed the cup next to his, turning to him.

“Don’t, I’ll actually get confused.” I said, laughing as he smirked, walking backwards up the stairs.

I glanced around the room. The other three were still there.

I smiled, taking Nathan’s invitation and following up the stairs, which were covered in a tattered, blue carpet.

The bannister’s paint was chipping, but added to the house’s homely feel. This house had been lived in.

I couldn’t see Nath at the top. He’d gone in one of the rooms!

But which one?

Chapter 5

If there was one thing I hated, it was intruding on other people’s privacy. I tended to leave people to do their own thing rather than invade their personal space.

That’s why, as I looked around the empty corridor, I immediately felt awkward.

I hesitated in stepping forward, approaching the first door. I carefully opened it, holding my breath.


I moved to the next room; empty.

The third room’s door was ajar slightly, and I pushed it open gently.

“She’s just so cute!”

“Lucy!” I exclaimed, smiling at my best friend.

“Hi Gemma!” She said, beaming up at me. Her hands were busy holding a small reptile, who seemed to be observing the situation.

“Aw, look at Tia!” I exclaimed, moving forward to touch the creature. Jay was smiling proudly.

“Jay, which room is Nathan’s?” I asked nonchalantly, still stroking the lizard.

Jay wolf whistled, making my face heat up.

“Not like that!” I protested, glaring at him. He just laughed.

“Sure, sure. It’s the door opposite this room. It’s messy though, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I stood up. “Thank you. See you later Luce.” She nodded, too engrossed in Tia and Jay to produce words.

I walked out of the room and shut the door. Well they were certainly cosy. I’d be asking a lot of questions later.

I walked up to the wooden door across the hall, hesitating before knocking.

There wasn’t an answer.

I carefully turned the handle, stepping into the dimly lit room.

“Nath?” I whispered, stepping forward. “Hello?”

Suddenly, the door shut behind me. “BOO!” Someone shouted.

I screamed, jumping backwards, slipping on some clothes on the floor, tripping over some unpacked boxes and falling onto the bed.

Laughter erupted from the person in the corner as I turned red in embarrassment.

“Shut up!” I said, hiding my face in the duvet.

“That.. was so… funny!” Nathan laughed, sitting down on the bed next to me, doubling over.

“Seriously!” I said, hitting him with a pillow. He calmed down slowly.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.” He said. “And then you did that sort of… dance thing and you…” He laughed again.

“Shh!” I said, pulling myself into a sitting position. It was then that I could a glimpse of the clock on the wall.

“Is that the right time?” I asked, mouth agape.

“Yeah, why?” Nathan replied, turning to face me.

“I needed to be home for 6.” I stated, staring at the clock.

“It’s 7:30…” Nathan said, stating the obvious.

“Sh——ugar…” I said, standing up. “I need to go! My mum will think I’m dead!”

Nathan laughed, and stood up.

“Well come on then! Hurry hurry!” Nathan joked, literally pushing me out of the room.

“Lucy!” I said, laughing and resisting as he tried to push me down the staircase.

“Go get her! Quick!”

Chapter 6

I walked across the hall to Jay’s room. I knocked and then opened the door. Lucy and Jay were now sat on the bed, reading some sort of book.

“Gemma! Jay still has our fan book from March!” She exclaimed in awe.

“Wow!” I said, going over to look at it. The “Jay” page was open, and a big picture of Jay lay in the middle, with little annotations around it, pointing to his “beautiful blue eyes” and “luscious girly locks”.

I smiled. “Thank you so much for keeping it, we worked on it for 24 days!”

“Dedication.” Jay smiled up at me.

“So what’s up?” Lucy asked, peering up at me curiously.

“It’s well past 6.” I said, gesturing to the clock on the wall.

“Shoot!” Lucy groaned. “I’m officialt grounded. I’m 19 and my mum is going to ground me. I have no life.” She complained, dragging Jay out of the room. I grabbed Nathan and followed her.

We reached the front door and Max, Tom and Siva joined us to say goodbye.

“Will you be coming back tomorrow?” Nathan asked us.

I opened my mouth when Max cut in.

“Interview, then photoshoot.” He said. Nathan grimaced.

“Thursday?” I asked.

“Two interviews and then recording for a top secret TV show.” Jay said.

Friday?” Lucy asked.

“Concert in Birmingham.” Siva said.

“Saturday!” Jay said. “We’re free all weekend!”

“Well then, see you Saturday, 1pm.” I said, smiling. We’d just been invited back to The Wanted’s house. Was this even allowed? Wasn’t there some security issue?

I forgot my worries as I hugged each member, smiling like a child at Christmas, before saying the final goodbye.

Lucy and I shut the gate behind us and walked in silence 3 paces down the dark, empty street before I turned to her.

“Oh. My. God.” I breathed. I was about to continue, but frowned at her instead. “Where did you get that hoody?” I asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Jay said he didn’t want me getting frostbite or “any other cold-related diseases”” She said. Her face was flushed pink; whether this was from the cold or the fact that her favourite member actually cared about her health was debatable.

“Whit-woo!” I said, ruffling her hair. “In your world, you got to second base!”

“Shut up.” She mumbled, her reddened face deepening in colour. “Just because I can’t keep a boyfriend for more than a day and you’re one year younger than me and managed a 3 year relationship.” She mumbled. I winced.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. “But… you and Jay, eh?”

She just smiled shyly.

“I can’t believe he still has our fanbook!” I said in awe as we turned a corner.

“I know!” She said, beaming. “He told me I could look through his stuff and so I did, and I found our fanbook, and do you remember the girl we met in London; the one who liked the Wanted?” I nodded. “I found hers too! She’s ‘@TW_Lisaxoxo’, right?” I nodded, smiling.

“She told us she was going to make them one!” I laughed. “How weird!” Suddenly, my phone buzzed.

“My dad.” I answered Lucy’s questioning expression. “He thinks I’m dead.” I replied, telling him that I was okay and that I was going home. He could be too overprotective at times.

“Oh, Luce!” I said, remembering the picture I’d taken. “I almost forgot!” I got the photo up, and handed her my phone.

“Oh my God! You’re so lucky!” Lucy said, jealously lacing her voice. “I wish I’d got a photo with the boys, or at least Jay!”

I laughed and pulled the phone back off her as it buzzed again.

“Well, you can always get a photo of you two on Saturday…” I said, and we both burst into squeals of excitement. “Oh, and my dad says that he’ll give you a lift home if you want, cause it’s dark and you might get killed.”

Lucy laughed. “Tell him I’ll take that lift, but that I’ll probably be killed by my parents anyway.”

“‘K. You not gonna even text them?” I asked, tapping away at my keypad.

“Am I heck. They’ll survive for another 10 minutes.” She laughed. We reached my house.

My dad came out, hugged me like I was about to disappear, before opening the car for Lucy to climb into.

“See you at college tomorrow?” I asked, hugging her goodbye.

“Yep! I think I’ll wear this tomorrow too… Jay won’t mind…” She said, stroking the hoody admiringly.

“Don’t stain it!” I warned, laughing as she climbed in and my dad pulled out of the driveway.

I waved her goodbye before stepping into the house.

“Gemma! I was so worried!” My mum ran up to me as I shut the door, hugging me tight, mirroring my dad’s behaviour.

“I’m sorry mum, but oh my God, this was the best night of my life!” I squealed, twirling around into the living room before collapsing onto the sofa.

My mum smiled. “I bet it was! You can tell me all about it after I make us a brew.” She wandered off and I sighed, reflecting on the night’s events.

My favourite member had always been Max, but then my love for him simmered down and I seemed to love them all equally recently. Now though… after spending some quality time with Nathan… I was beginning to change my mind…

Chapter 7

The next day dragged, and double French didn’t help much. I regretted taaking it as an A Level.

Lucy and I had made a mutual agreement to not tell anybody about the boys. Our friends weren’t big fans of the Wanted anyway, and they didn’t care that much.

Friday went even slower, and I was feeling nervous. People from Birmingham were tweeting that they were excited for that night. I thought of nothing but the boys for the whole night.

I still couldn’t believe they’d invited us back; they barely knew us.

I almost had a panic attack when I realised that I could have dreamt it all. I actually had to call Lucy at 2am on Saturday to make sure that it was real.

She wasn’t panicking like I was, she was calm. Which was odd, especially since she was the one most likely to fangirl out of the both of us.

I woke up at 11am on Saturday, after having a dream about horses chasing me into Tescos.

Shaking off the tiredness, I then worried about clothes.

12pm saw me half naked, panicking in my room, clothes strewn everywhere, trying to decide on what shirt to wear.

Lucy arrived just as I threw on my TW t-shirt over my shorts. I threw on some concealer over my new spot (which just happened to be on my chin, thank you teenage hormones) and joined her in the kitchen, where she was munching on some of my mum’s home-made brownies.

“Idea!” She said, spitting crumbs everywhere.

“You want to take some of these for Siva?” I asked. She nodded, eyes wide, beaming. “… Okay.” I said, smiling.

I eyed her outfit. She was wearing the same shirt as me.

“So now we’re twins?” I asked, gesturing to our shirts.

“No, You’re wearing shorts and I’m wearing jeans!” She exclaimed.

“Luce, you have crumbs all round your mouth.” I said, handing her some tissue. She panicked and scrubbed at her mouth. I laughed and knocked back a glass of water.

“I’m so nervous.” I murmered as I noticed the glass shaking slightly in my hands.

“Me too.” Lucy whispered. We stared at each other.

A voice made us jump.

“Gemma, it’s nearly 1, did you want a lift?” It was my dad. My parents had freaked when I said I wanted to go back to TW’s house, but when I explained that they weren’t strangers, they were famous, and that meant that they had security which meant their house was safer than even our house, they reconsidered. It took 18 hours, but they agreed as long as I texted them.

Lucy’s parents hadn’t grounded her, miraculously, due to the fact that they had gone out to dinner and had gotten back at 10, and Lucy lied and said she’d got back at 5:30.

“Could you take us now, then?” I asked, glancing at my battered old converse on the stairs.

“Course, sweets.” My dad beamed at me, grabbing the car keys from the counter. I grabbed my bag and shoes, and led the way to the car.

Lucy and I sat in the back, in silence.

I put my shoes on as we drove.

My dad pulled up round the corner from the house. He smiled at me as I got out and thanked him for the lift. I caught my reflection in the glass of the car door as I shut it. I looked tired out.

“I look shattered!” I moaned as my dad drove away from us.

“I got 9 hours sleep, thanks to you.” Lucy moaned back at me.

“Not my fault, you could have rejected my call.”

“I thought you might have been dying!”

“Still no excuse.” I said, smirking. She hit me playfully as we reached the oh-so-familiar gates.

“Do you think Jayne would let us in?” I whispered.

“No.” Lucty replied, quietly.

We approached the door.

Chapter 8 (Part 1)

It still amazed me that there wasn’t security outside the door, waiting to pounce and arrest us for trespassing.

I knocked on the door for Lucy, as she was too scared.

The weather was a little better, due to the skies opening and rain falling on Friday. The snow had been completely washed away from the street, and a few shreds of ice were left on the fence where we waited just a few days ago.

I could hear shuffling inside, and a few voices. Max’s voice was loudest, but still not loud enough to hear actual words.

A few minutes (and yes, it took minutes) later, the door swung open, and we were face to face with a smiling, if not slightly red-faced, Jay.

“Sorry guys, just had to do a bit of Jayne-convincing.” He rubbed the back of his head nervously. “She wasn’t sure about letting two ‘strange fans’ into the house.” He did air quotations.

We laughed nervously.

“But we can come in…” Lucy hesitated, “…Right..?”

“Of course!” Jay grinned, stepping back. “Hurry though, otherwise there’ll be a story in the paper about two strange girls going into The Wanted’s house. Next week, the two strange girls will turn into two stripper-prostitutes and our house will turn into a porn factory.” He laughed, and we joined in, rushing through the door. The rush was more because we didn’t believe we’d actually get in unless we hurried more than hiding from any snooping paparazzi.

Once in, Jay shut the door, and I glanced around.

Nothing had changed, apart from a few homely additions; a picture of Max’s nan and grandad on the mantle, an antique light on a side table next to the couch. The house was temporary, so the boxes that lay near the stairs were still there, a few items of clothing strewn over the edges.

Jayne was nowhere in sight, but Max was lay by the fire with Elvis and Siva was watching some sort of anime (Howl’s moving castle from the looks of it). A whirring came from the kitchen.

“Jayne, Nath and Tom have gone out to an interview.” Jay said, coming to join us. “You’re welcome to do anything you want in the house, but Jayne says, and I quote, ‘if you even try to cut a lock of our hair off, or sniff our boxers, you’re out.’” I laughed, knowing that she wasn’t joking.

“I’d like to see Tia?” Lucy squeaked. Jay smiled at her warmly.

“Of course you can.” He took her hand (making her flush pink) and led her up the stairs. I watched them leave, smiling at Lucy turning shy in a heartbeat.

I would have stood around awkwardly if Max hadn’t glanced up and beckoned me over. I stumbled over to the rug infront of the warm fire and collapsed next to the great dog. I must admit, dogs were a weak point of mine, so I subtly shuffled away from Elvis as he snorted.

“You a cat person, then?” Max asked, noticing my wary behaviour.

“I’m a Giraffe lover.” I said, heating up slightly. Max laughed, showing my his white teeth.

“Why do you have to be difficult?” He sighed. “‘Chelle is a dog person, like me.”

“I know.” I smiled. “You bought her a chihuhua.”

“I did.” He smiled warmly, gazing at Elvis lovingly as he stroked his fur. “So why are you scared of dogs?”

“My aunt’s dog tried to attack me when I was 6.” Max raised his eyebrows.

“Wow.” He huffed.

“Well… when I say attack…” I looked down. “It jumped on me because it was excited to see me.”

“So,” Max laughed, “When you were 6, a dog tried to be friendly to you and you have been scarred for life?” I nodded, blushing furiously.

“Ignore him.” Siva’s Irish accent was unmistakeable. I turned, smiling at his friendliness. He’d turned away from the TV and was listening into our conversation.

“I made you some brownies!” I blurted out, remembering the 3 small cake-like objects wrapped in tin foil in my bag. Siva perked up and I shuffled over to him, handing him the brownies. He scarfed them down almost immediately.

“I’ve not had any breakfast…” Siva explained sheepishly.

“Nothing for me, eh?” Max asked, pretending to be offended.

“Err… You can have this!” I said, pulling out my Manchester United phone sock.

“Eww, get that piece of crap away from me!” Max said, leaning away from the red material. I laughed, sliding my phone back into it. “I forgot you support that team.” Max shivered, making me laugh harder.

My stomach gurgled unhappily, making them look at me.

“I didn’t have breakfast either…” I said. I’d been too nervous to eat.

“Poptarts!” Siva said, providing the answer to our hunger. I nodded, standing and following him into the kitchen.

Chapter 8 (Part 2)

Siva let me choose from his stash of poptarts (most of which, he revealed, were gifts from fans) and I chose the chocolate ones. He chose strawberry. He made us two each, and we took them into the living room to eat.

Max took his piece of toast (he’d made Siva make him some) and we all sat around the fire, Elvis by our feet, twitching every now and again, in a deep sleep.

“Thank you Siva.” I said as I finished eating every crumb.

He smiled and took my plate to the kitchen.

The door opened just as he returned.

“We’re home boys!” I turned around and was met with the sight of Jayne Collins, manager of many successful bands/artists.

Jayne glanced at me.

“… Lucy?” She asked, cocking her head to one side. I shook my head.

“Gemma.” I smiled, holding one hand out. “Nice to meet you, Jayne.” She smiled and approached me, shaking my hand. I could see Nathan and Tom enter the house behind her.

“Lucy’s upstairs with-“

“Jay, yes,” Jayne smiled and glanced towards the stairs. “He hasn’t done anything but talk about her for days! I feel like I’ve known her for years!” We laughed in harmony. Jayne was so nice! “Don’t tell him I told you, darling.” She dropped her big bag on the couch and tapped away at her phone. “Be right back…” She said, frowning.

Tom approached first, ruffled my hair and then joined Max on the floor.

Nathan was busy taking of his hat and shoes. He then put his hat back on.

“Ah, the famous hat.” I said, recognising it immediately. He frowned at me, confused. “Nevermind, some pervy fans said you onced used it to cover your- nevermind…” I giggled. He rolled his eyes.

“Hi.” He said, walking up to me.

“Hello.” I breathed. He pulled me into a warm hug, and I embraced him back. We pulled away, hesitating for an instant.

Nathan then cleared his throat.

“So, err… Lucy and Jay upstairs?”

“Yup. Probably sucking face.”




“Not thirsty. Thank you.”


“Seev gave me a pop tart.”

Did he?” Nathan looked at Siva, awestruck. “He wouldn’t even give me one!”

“What!?” I asked, pretending to be gobsmacked. “But you’re Niva! Seev! You’re neglecting your bromance!”

“I, for one, am offended.” Nathan joked.

“At least there’ll always be Jiva.” Siva said, smirking.

“Not now that Lucy is here.” I said, smiling cheekily. “You can almost feel the chemistry from down here!”

“Too right.” Nathan said, fake-shivering. “Even Elvis feels horny.” Elvis yawned and stretched, perfect timing. “See, that’s sexual tension, that is.”

“Aye. You can see it in the way he paws at Max.” I laughed. “Max, you’re neglecting Elvis for Tom!” Max was currently feeling Tom’s ear affectionately.

“Nyyahh, my boy comes first!” Max said, and Tom nodded approvingly. Nathan and I chuckled.

“Want to see my snake?” Nathan blurted out randomly.

“Excuse me!?” I exclaimed as the boys laughed.

“I mean,” Nathan’s cheeks were pink tinged. “I brought Charlie home from my dad’s yesterday. I hadn’t seen him in a while. He’s harmless, I swear!”

“Alright then.” I said, kind of pink myself. Nathan gestured to the stairs, and I stepped forward first.

Chapter 9

Warning: Charlie isn’t actually magical, not all snakes will let you do what Nathan does to his and Charlie probably doesn’t look/act like this. At all.

I reached the top of the stairs and hesitated, letting Nathan lead me into his room.

Charlie was in a small glass case next to Nathan’s bed (who would let a snake be that close to them whilst they’re asleep!?)

Nathan laughed at me as I froze upon seeing the cage, and pulled me forward.

I could see Charlie moving slightly in the dirt and twigs and such in the cage. I think that’s when I discovered my fear of snakes.

“It’s smaller than I thought it would be.” I said.

“…” We burst into laughter.

“Not like that. Stop being dirty minded!”

“You laughed as well!” Nathan said. “Want to hold him?”

“No.” I replied immediately.

“Aww, why not?” Nathan asked, pouting.

“Because I’ve just realised; I’m scared of snakes.” I said, shuddering.

“But Charlie’s a magical snake!” Nathan exclaimed. “Watch!”

I leant back as he removed the long, thin creature from it’s case. He let it wrap itself around his fingers, smiling at me.

“Ready?” I nodded. Nathan leant towards the snake and made a kissy face.

Amazingly, Charlie saw his soft, kissable lips and moved his face towards Nathan’s, making them kiss.

“That’s so cute!” I exclaimed, and Nathan smiled.

“So, do you want a kiss?” He asked, then realised what he said. “-From Charlie!” He corrected himself.

I wasn’t disappointed at all (of course), and nodded.

“You have to hold him though!” I said. “I don’t like its skin…”

“Of course. Just lean forward and do this…” Nathan made his kissy lips again.

“Wait a minute… stay like that!” I pulled my phone from my pocket and got the camera up. Nathan smiled (as much as he could whilst doing kissy lips) and closed his eyes. The photo was great; you could see Charlie in Nathan’s hand and he looked amazing.

That was another photo I needed to upload to Tumblr. I still hadn’t uploaded the one of us with the mugs yet.

“So, I just do kissy lips and go close to him?”

“Yup.” I put my phone back in my pockets and moved closer to Nathan. Ignoring the pounding of my heart, I leant close to the snake and puckered up, closing my eyes.

I felt this tiny, rough object on my lips, and then it was over.

“Got it!” Nathan was holding an object in his free hand, and I noticed it was his phone.

“You’re so sneaky!” I said, grabbing his phone and looking at the photo. I looked terrible, my eyes screwed up and happy lines being produced. But overall, it looked cute, a young girl kissing a snake.

“One of all three of us?” I asked, moving back. He threw his left arm around my back and held Charlie up inbetween us.

“Cheese!” I said, pressing the button. I turned it around; we looked pretty good together.

Nathan smiled and pressed a few buttons, making it his wallpaper. I smiled warmly. I was really starting to like him; was that allowed? I’d known him for, what? 3/4 days?

But then again, I’d known him for over half a year; just not personally.

My feelings were very mixed, and they were making my head spin.

A giggle erupted from across the hall. At least Lucy was sure of her feelings.

The rest of the day went really quickly; we ate some lunch and Jay put Avatar on and made us all gather around the TV. Max escaped with Elvis after the titles, Tom joining him. Siva received a call from Nareesha 25 mins in and never returned. Then half way though, all of the boys had to go to an interview that Jayne had quickly organised.

We left without making any plans, but I gave Nathan and Tom my number, so if they ever wanted to see me again (which was unlikely), all they had to do was call or text.

All Lucy talked about on the way home was Jay and how he’d hugged her and smiled at her and “Did you see the way he touched my arm!?”

It wasn’t annoying, but it was pretty irritating, as all I wanted to talk about was Nathan.

Even when I got home I didn’t get a word in edgeway as my mum started nagging at me for not texting her.

“You could have been raped!”

“By a boyband who have a reputation to uphold?”


“Well maybe I’d enjoy being raped by them. Especially Nathan, who-“

“Don’t you start back-chatting me, young lady!” Blah blah blah, you get the drift.

That night all I wanted to do was run back to that house and be back near the Wanted.

But who knew when I’d next see them again?

Chapter 10 (Part 1)

“Who are you?” I looked up from the chair I was sat in.

“Don’t you know?” The words escaped my lips before I could think of them.

“No.” The boy was young. He frowned at me. Suddenly, we were at a concert.

“Why are you on stage?”


“Get her off!”

The crowd booed and a man grabbed me from behind, pulling me backwards.

“I KNOW THEM! I’VE MET THEM!” I screamed, struggling.

“I know them too.” A girl appeared next to me. I could just feel that it was the girl I’d talked to at one of The Wanted’s signings.

“You don’t! I’m their friend!”

“I met them.”

“I did too!” Tears poured down my cheeks, dripping into a pool on the ground. We were in a cave.

“So did I.” Another girl appeared. So did another, stating the same thing. So did another. And another. And another.

They moved forward, coming at me like clones.

I couldn’t breathe; their glares had suffocated me.

Trying to scream… Trying…

My eyes opened, and I felt a soft object on my face.

I’d been dreaming; lying facedown on my pillow. That’s what had temporarily stopped me breathing.

I was drenched in cold sweat.

I glanced at my clock; 6:29am.

8 Days after I’d given The Wanted my number.

I re-checked my phone.

No texts. Not one, since I last saw them.

Not even a tweet.

Nathan had put the picture of me kissing Charlie on twitpic, but no one knew it was me and he hadn’t mentioned me. The tweet attatched said “An old friend with a new friend … :) x”

I almost burst into tears when I saw it. Lucy kept me composed by being a good best friend and telling me to “Bottle it, it’s only a tweet!”

Meanwhile, she’d been DMing Jay every other day. Talking about lizards, she said. More like his lizard, if you get my drift.

I realised that it was Sunday and lay back down, pulling the cover back over my head and closing my eyes.

Next thing I saw was the light streaming through my thin curtains.

“It’s 9, love.” My mum was at the door. “You’re meeting Lucy and Hannah at 10, right?”

I sat up, nodding. “They’re coming here, then we’re going to town.”

“Okay love. You better get up, then.” She said, walking back out of my room. “I’ll put your breakfast on the table. Me and your dad are going out at 12 and we’ll be back about 5ish.” She called.

I mumbled an “Okay.” before getting up to get changed.

Chapter 10 (Part 2)

My favourite shirt was in the wash, so I threw on a 30 Seconds To Mars t-shirt and some dark blue jeans.

I also wore my battered white converse that I wore when I went to meet The Wanted; they meant a lot to me.

Lucy arrived at 10 to 10, Hannah trotting in behind her, her ginger curls bouncing on above her pale face.

She was beaming, showing her crooked, pearly white teeth.

“Gemma!” She squealed, hugging me. I hugged her back, inhaling her apple-y scent. She was wearing the body spray Lucy bought her for Christmas. “Happy Boxing Day!”

“Happy Boxing Day!” I replied, smiling as we pulled away from each other. “It’s been too long!” Hannah was 3 years older than me (2 years older than Lucy) at 21.

“Shall we go?” Lucy asked, gesturing to the door.

“Yes, let me get my bag…” I ran upstairs and threw my purse into my already full bag. I returned downstairs to see my brother pestering my friends.

“I do like frogs.” Lucy was saying. “But cats are soft?”

“Shall we go?” I asked, not bothering to ask what the conversation was about.

“Yes. See you Craig!” Lucy said, ruffling my brother’s hair and following me and Hannah outside.

We caught the bus from outside my house and got to town in 10 minutes.

“Where first?” I asked, walking towards the main shopping mall.

“Thorntons? I need to get some chocolate; I have too much Christmas money and not enough chocolate!” Hannah said, heading left, towards the only Thorntons in our town.

We walked through the doors, the sweet smell of chocolate hitting my nose.

“I’m getting some marshmellows dipped in chocolate.” I said, heading to the counter and presenting my money.

10 minutes (and a LOT of chocolate) later, we found ourselves outside Clinton’s Cards.

We went in and I bought a New Year’s card for my family (It was tradition in our house). I found myself by the band cards, avoiding any The Wanted-type cards.

I ended up leaving with a sad expression on my face. I guess the dream of one of them falling for me was just meant to stay just that; a dream.

“Apple store? I haven’t been on twitter in 6 days!” Hannah exclaimed, dragging us towards the shop with the big apple above the entrance.

We went to an apple mac mid-store and logged in. The shop was mildly busy already.

We logged onto twitter. Hannah is also a fan of The Wanted; just not as big as Lucy and I. So we went onto their personal twitters, one by one.

Max hadn’t tweeted in 4 days. Tom hadn’t tweeted in 2. Siva hadn’t tweeted since this morning; “Pop Tarts time!” I smiled. We went to Nathan’s next; “Tom’s drunk. As usual.” 14 hours ago.

Finally we went to Jay’s. “Picking up my Christmas present from Niva today!” 30 minutes ago.

“Ooh, I wonder what they got him!” Lucy enthused. I wondered too.

“Maybe… hair gel?” Hannah suggested.

“You don’t need to pick up hair gel…” I said.

“Oh. Err… A pet?”

“Maybe!” Lucy squealed. “Another Lizard!?”

“Oooh, exciting.” I said sarcastically.

“What’s up with you?” Hannah asked, looking alarmed.

“She’s jealous ‘cause Jay’s kept in contact with me but Nathan hasn’t with her.”

“Jay’s actually talked to you since you met him!? That’s so sweet!” Hannah squealed. Lucy joined in.

“So what is it? An iPod? Mac? iPhone?” A voice called over the chatter.

“Aha, not telling!” An Irish accent joined in.

Two voices I knew well. Too well.

Chapter 11

Lucy had noticed it too. She looked at me, eyes alive with excitement.

“You don’t think…” I started, heart rate speeding up.

“I do… I’d recognise his voice anywhere!” She almost jumped up and down with excitement. We both turned, leaving Hannah tapping away at the keyboard.

We scanned the shop. Three men had just entered and were walking towards the till.

Two were tall, one with dark hair and prominent cheekbones. The other had curly hair and pale skin, and was grinning excitedly.

The final was a good deal smaller than the others. He had dark hair and a unique side fringe, recognised by girls everywhere. His blue-green eyes sparkled out from beneath it, surveying the surroundings.

His hands were in his pockets, and he was laughing happily.

My breath hitched for a moment, but I quickly regained posture and glanced at Lucy, who was staring lovingly at Jay like he was her favourite thing in the world.

“Hannah…” I whispered, turning to her. She looked up and frowned at my face. I don’t blame her; my face was probably paler than anyone had ever seen it. “3 out of 5 members of The Wanted just walked in…”

Hannah laughed, logging out of twitter. “Good one, Gem.”

“No…” Lucy breathed, joining in the conversation. “Jay’s here…” She grinned and I rolled my eyes.

“Like, really?” Hannah asked, glancing around. I nodded, pulling her and Lucy towards the till. We had to say hello; right?

“Err, Can we have a photo?” I asked as we approached.

They turned in unison, a “Sure!” writting on Jay’s lips; when they noticed it was us, they smiled warmly.

“Lucy!” Jay chimed, lighting up like a bulb.

“Jay!” Lucy exclaimed, going in for a hug.

“Hi Gemma!” Nathan and Siva chorused, then looked at each other before laughing.

“Hi.” I said sheepishly, accepting their hugs. Hannah coughed subtly. “Oh! This is my friend Hannah!” They smiled at her, and after a moment of being starstruck, she gave them each a big hug. She was almost taller than Nathan, making things a little awkward, but he didn’t seem uncomfortable.

“We’re here for Jay’s Christmas present.” Siva said, nodding over to Jay.

“I know.” I smiled. “I saw on twitter. What’d you get him?”

Siva smiled. “Surprise!” He tapped his nose. Nathan nodded enthusiastically.

“I see…” I said, turning to Jay and Lucy, who looked deep in conversation. It was weird how quickly they bonded.

“Can I help you?” A high pitched voice croaked.

“Yes, I’m here to pick up a reservation?” Nathan turned to the counter, making the young woman behind it squeak with joy.

“You’re in that band!” She said, eyes widening. Her pink and blue streaked blonde hair was tied tight into a bun on her head. The bun didn’t even move as she threw her head back and fourth between the six of us.

“Yeah,” Nathan replied sheepishly. “So… about that reservation…”

“Oh! Yes, I’m sorry!” She tapped the computer keyboard in front of her. “Name?” She laughed. “Sorry, I forgot. Is it under Nathan, Siva or Jay?”

“It’s under Nathan Sykes.” Nathan replied, leaning forward against the counter. Jay and Lucy had diverted their attention back to us.

“Nice to see you again Gemma!” Jay said, ruffling my hair.

I frowned and folded my arms. “You too.” Jay smiled warmly.

“Here you are! Found it,” The woman smiled. “I’ll be 3 minutes.” She hurried off, heels clip-clopping on the tiled floor.

“Hi, sorry, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself. I’m Jay!” Jay held out his hand for Hannah to take, but she just smiled.

“I’m Hannah.” She said, going in for a bear hug. He returned it. Hannah was at least 5’9”, and so they squared up to each other pretty well.

“Here we are.” The woman was back and she handed Siva the box.

“Can I-“

“No.” Nathan cut over Jay, thanking the lady and turning to walk out.

“We’re going back to the house; you guys coming?”

“Oh. I want to but…” Lucy turned to me.

“We were actually heading to Starbucks. I have a craving.” I smiled. We didn’t NEED them, we weren’t controlled by them or programmed to accept all of their offers.

Even though I really wanted to.

“Well, we don’t have to go back right now…” Jay said, glancing at Lucy.

“Can we join you?” Nathan asked, shifting the box in his hand.

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “Won’t you need a disguise?” The looked confused. “Come here!” I pulled nathan forward and threw my beanie over his head. “People recognise your fringe.”

“My hair!” He exclaimed, but didn’t pull it off. To hide Jay’s curls we made him pull his hood up, and Siva just generally stood out from the crowd, so we left him as he was.

“To starbucks!” Hannah called, skipping ahead in front. Jay and Lucy exchanged a smile and caught up to her.

Nathan linked my right arm, and Siva my left.

“To starbucks.” I confirmed, leading out of the shop.

Bonus Chapter (Unrelated to the fanfic)

The first time Gemma met The Wanted

I grabbed Lucy, dragging her to the front of the line.

This was it, they were arriving.

The crowd had formed two lines leading to the door of the radio station. My knees were shaking.

“I’m shaking.” Lucy murmered, squishing up next to me.

“Me too.” I whispered. The atmosphere was alive with excitement. Everyone was buzzing, chattering with excitement.

Then; a scream, then another, then everyone erupted in cheers and screams as the silver van pulled into view. It stopped, and the side door opened, Big Kev stepping out first and holding the crowd back.

Then, one by one, the boys stepped out. Every time a new body stepped into view, the screams rose a decibel.

“I can see Jay, he’s comng first…” Lucy shouted above the noise. I nodded, not able to form real words.

“JAY!” Lucy screamed as he walked past. He turned and smiled at us, and she opened her arms out into a hug. He leant forward- and was pulled away by Big Kev.

Tom passed, but didn’t notice us.

Neither did Nathan.

Neither did Max.

Siva, however, came over and quickly hugged us both.

After they entered the station, my whole body was shaking with nerves and excitement.

“I can’t believe Jay was dragged away from meeeee!” Lucy sobbed. Some girls stared at her.

I felt sort of numb; did that really just happen?

Was I dreaming?

Chapter 12

It only took us 3 minutes to get to Starbucks, what with it being 4 shops away from the Apple store.

Nobody gave us a second glance, which was good. It felt selfish, but neither Lucy or I wanted to share the boys. They were ours. At least for today.

Starbucks was busy, so we sent Siva and Nathan to get us some seats. They chose the comfy couch in the corner.

“Please can we have a tall Caramel Latte, an Americano, two medium chocolate frappucinos, in fact; make that three medium chocolate frappucinos and a small strawberry frappucino?” Hannah said, remembering the orders we’d all thrown at her a few minutes earlier.

“Yes, anything else?” Hannah shook her head. “That’s £19.70, please.” I grimaced, but pulled out my contribution to the large sum of money.

“No, I have this.” Jay smiled at me. “It’s my treat.”

“Are you sure?” Lucy asked, gazing up at him. He nodded and handed the lady a £20 note.

“Thank you, Jay!” Hannah said smiling at him. He smiled back, and they led the way to the collection point.

It took a good 5 minutes, but the drinks had finally been made. I grabbed mine and Nathans, Lucy grabbed hers and Siva’s and Jay and Hannah grabbed theirs. We all headed to the corner and squashed ourselves around the table.

“Here.” I handed Nathan his chocolate frappucino across the table. He smiled and started sipping it. I joined in with my own chocolate frappucino.

Lucy handed Siva his tall latte and began on her Americano.

We sat in silence until Nathan spoke up.

“So…” He said, looking up at me.

“So.” I replied.

“So.” Hannah stepped in.

“This isn’t awkward.” Lucy said, rolling her eyes.

Jay spoke up and they entered a conversation. This queued Hannah and Siva talking (probably about Ireland; Hannah’s mum was half Irish) and I looked up at Nathan expectantly.

“So.” He murmered, leaning forward over the table. “How’ve you been?”

“I’ve been alright.” I said, putting my drink down. “Did you have a nice Christmas?”

“Yeah!” Nathan lit up. “I went back to Gloucester!”

“Did you?” I raised my eyebrows. “When did you get back?”

“This morning.” Nathan smiled. “7am.”

“Aren’t you tired?” I asked, staring at him.

“No,” He chuckled. “I slept on the train.”

“Ah.” I said, leaning back.

We all eventually fell into a group conversation that took itself to the topic “Sports”; or, more accurately, United.

“Rooney’s definitely the best.” I said. “Although; Nani has been catching up recently…”

“True!” Nathan said, cocking his head to one side. “But what about that new kid Fergy’s trying to get?”

“I say don’t waste your money.” I tutted. “That kid isn’t worth the risk.”

The others stared past us, lost.

“Yeah, but we do need to step it up to win next year’s league.”

“True. But then again, with a little training, we won’t need to make changes.”

“As interesting as this conversation is,” Jay chimed in. “We need to be back before 2.” He turned to me. “Max’s gran is over, and she makes the best boxing day dinner. Her veggies are delish!” I smiled.

“I need to get back too, if I’m honest.” I sighed.

“Me too.” Hannah rolled her eyes. “Going to my Aunt’s house.” She explained.

“I’m on no time limit.” Lucy said. This lead to Jay inviting her to The Wanted’s lair for the third time that month.

She accepted with no hesitation, of course.

As we left Starbucks, Nathan pulled me back, behind the others.

“How about next time we meet, it’s just us?” He smiled at me.

Was that him asking me out? I smiled warmly back, ignoring the butterflies causing havoc inside me.

“I’d like that.” I replied.

“Next Friday then?” He suggested. “I’m off from official TW business until mid January.”

“That sounds good!” I said, beaming.

“I’ll pick you up around… 7?” I nodded and we turned to join the others.

We got out of the shopping complex andsaid our goodbyes, hugging each member and laughing about the randomness of bumping into each other.

Lucy waved goodbye before hurrying off to join the others, heading to the car that had brought them.

Hannah and I returned home the way we arrived; by bus. Hannah was all smiles and talk, but I was too shocked to say anything by a weak “Yes.” and a few nods.

When I got home I closed the door behind me and slid down it. My body felt light; like I was in a dream.

I pulled out my phone to see if my mum had text me.

One new message. Not from my mum, but from a number I’d never seen before.

I forgot; I don’t know where you live … haha :) - Nathan x

I laughed, and laughed… and laughed.

Could this day get any better!?

Chapter 13


“But you’d let me go on any other date!”

“That’s not the point.”

“Then what is!?” I said exasperatedly to my mum. She was sat there, coffee in her hands, watching TV whilst denying me of my only chance of true love like the cold, heartless meanie she was.

Maybe that’s a little over exaggerated, but the details remain true. She was potentionally destroying my chance of true love; but then again, she could destroy that by denying me of going on any dates.

“The point is,” She sipped her drink pensively. “He’s a stranger. Who knows if he’s a sex addict, or if he’s money mad. What if he’s a clingy diva? You’ll end up stuck with him.”

“And that’s a problem… why?” I asked, stepping into her line of vision.

“I don’t want you going out with him. If Lucy was going; maybe.”

“It’s a date for God’s sake!” I said. I sighed, composing myself. “If I bring him in beforehand for you to judge, will you consider it?”

She remained pensive for a few nerve-wracking seconds, before sighing.

“Fine.” I jumped a leap of faith and kissed her cheeks.

“You won’t regret it!” I was about to run out when she called my name.

“Gemma?” I turned, smile plastered on my face. “Just don’t get hurt. Celebrities almost never live up to their expectations.”

I let my smile flicker, but remained positive, and nodded enthusiastically.


Friday night arrived before I could prepare, and I was rushing around, looking for an outfit.

On Thursday (3:56pm to be exact), Nathan had texted me.

Wear something formal tomorrow :) - Nathan xx

Was all it said, leaving me to imagine up an outfit in just over 24 hours. This was what I’d condured up. Thank god my mum hadn’t thrown out the dress she’d worn to my Aunt’s wedding 3 years ago.

The outfit wasn’t exactly formal; but it was close enough.

I left my hair half wavy and stumbled walked elegantly down the stairs.

My dad wolf-whistled (much to my embarrassment) as I stepped through the door of the living room.

“He must be special…” My dad said, looking me up and down.

Dad!” I protested, walking into the kitchen. My stomach was turning; Nathan had been linked to some gorgeous, skinny women and I had to live up to his expectations. I ate a cracker; the only non-fatty non-filling thing in sight; I had to assume Nathan was taking me out to dinner and I didn’t want to ruin my appetite. I drank back two glasses of water and then sat down in the living room, waiting for the knock.

6:50pm arrived and I was shaking. I never thought I’d end up in this position with any member of The Wanted, let alone Nathan, in my opinion, the most popular member.

7pm rolled past, and it was 7:15 in no time.

“Maybe he’s stood you up.”

“Shut up Craig.” I said sharply.

“God, I was just saying-“

“Shut. up.”

“Gemma, love, your brother was only trying to talk to you.” My dad cut in. I just sighed, hoping that my brother wasn’t speaking the truth; after all, 15 minutes wasn’t really late.

At 7:34, 4 sharp knocks sounded through the house. A smile jumped onto my face and I leaped up, heading to the front door.

“Remember; bring him in!” My mum called from the living room. I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

Nathan was stood, hands in the pocket of his straight black jeans, and he had a white t-shirt and a blazer on. A shy smile was placed on his lips and his eyes shone from under his wavy fringe.

“Hi.” I breathed. He glanced me up and down once.

“Wow.” He said, smiling cheekily. “You look beautiful!” I felt me cheeks heat up in contrast to the chilly December air that was slowly creeping into the house.

“Thank you.” I squeaked.

“Sorry I’m late; Interview overran. Shall we go?” He asked, stepping back for me to step out of the house.

“Er…” I glanced behind me. “I’m sorry, my mum wants to meet you to make sure you won’t rape me…” I whispered.

“Okay!” He said, smiling, unphased, and stepped through the door. As he past me, he murmered; “I won’t rape you yet; it’s only the first date.” He winked and stepped into the hall. My face was redder than Rudolph’s nose as I closed the door and led Nathan into the living room.

“Mum, dad…” I mumbled. “This is the potential sex addict-rapist-murderer known as Nathan Sykes.” Nathan beamed and waved. My dad turned off the TV and my mum’s jaw dropped.

“I didn’t actually think you were real.” She said. I smiled. So she thought I was making it up? Nathan and I exchanged a glance and he moved closer to me, throwing his arm around my waist.

I wanted to capture the look of shock on my mother’s face, the look of mild approvement on my father’s and the starstuck/dumb look on my brother’s face and keep them forever.

“We better be off, right Nath?” I asked, picking up my coat, scarf and bag.

“Yes, reservations have been made.” He smiled. “Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Harrison.” My parents nodded approvingly.

“I have your beanie…” Nathan said, handing my the material as we stepped intot he hallway.

“Thank you!” I smiled, and threw it on the floor in the corner. Nathan laughed.

“Be back by 12!” My mum shouted as we escaped, me giggling and Nathan chuckling. I shut the door and threw my coat on, then my scarf. I hitched my bag over my shoulder and followed Nathan.

“No car?” I asked, cocking my head to one side.

Nathan shook his head. “It’s only a 5 minute walk. Can you handle it?” He asked, glancing wearily at my heels.

I grimaced. “Maybe…”

“Piggyback?” Nathan offered.

“Short dress.”

“No one will see anything.” He said, crouching. Something felt odd about this, but I climbed onto his back anyway.

Chapter 14 (Re-written)

We reached the restaurant pretty quickly, which surprised me. Either I was lighter than I thought (unlikely), or Nathan was strong.

Going with the latter, I climbed down off his back as he crouched again, and glanced up at the restaurant.

C’est Bon?” I asked, looking at him in surprise. “How did you know this was here?”

C’est Bon was a restaurant that had been in the town for a little over 20 years. To most, it looked like an overpriced fancy French restaurant, but it actually sells mostly Italian-themed food. I’d been here a total of three times in my life; once for my mum’s birthday, once for my Aunty’s wedding and once for my highschool leaving party.

“Jayne took us here last week; a sort of ‘thank you for working so hard’ present.” Nathan smiled, holding the door open for me. “They do the best steak.”

I smiled and nodded him a ‘thank you’.

Once in, we headed over to the reservations desk.

“I have a reservation for two?” Nathan said when the man looked up. “Under ‘Nathan Sykes’?”

The man nodded, unphased by Nathan’s appearance. I don’t think I would have remained composed if a member of the Wanted entered the room I was working in.

He took us over to a partially concealed booth in the corner. A dim light hung over it, lighting up the pristine white table and faded red-leather seat.

“Here are your menus…” The man said, placing the two brown folders infront of us. “Can I get you any drinks?”

Nathan nodded, before turning to me. “Er… how old are you?” He asked sheepishly.

“18.” I beamed.

“So… wine?”

“Rosé please?” I asked, smiling at the waiter. He scribbled down the words and smiled warmly. “Anything else?” He asked.

“Two glasses of water too please?” Nathan asked. The waiter nodded and scuttled off.

I smiled nervously at Nathan before picking up the menu in my shaking hands and rifling through it.

“The bolognese!” I remembered as I saw a picture of the noodles. “They have delicious bolognese!”

“So have you been here before then?” Nathan asked, not glancing up from his menu. I mirrored him.

“Yes. A few times. It’s not actually French, do you know that?”

“I do.” He chuckled. “Got the history of the place from a fan who works weekends here. She was very enthusiastic.”

I winced. “She.”

Nathan looked up, smiling. “She. And her very protective boyfriend, Dan.” I smiled back at him.

“Well, he obviously feels threatened. You can be very charming when you want to be.”

“Can I?” Nathan’s smile turned into a smug smirk. “I’ve never noticed.”

“Of course.” I said, flicking through the starters section. “I really feel like something bread-y.”

“For a starter?” I nodded. “Then have bread!”

“Can you just get bread on its own?”



“There.” He leant across and pointed to the small section of different seasoned breads.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.

“No need to thank me-“

“Nachos!” I beamed up at him. “Want to share some?”

“Okay!” He laughed. “Just nachos and cheese; nothing else on top, ok?”

“Ok!” I smiled.

A few minutes later, a waitress teetered over with our wine and water.

She was very well-developed in the chest area, if you get my drift. Her white waitress shirt had two of its buttons open, revealing a very noticeable cleavage. I rolled my eyes as I saw her face, caked in a foundation two shades darker than necessary.

“Your drinks!” She squealed unattractively, tossing her chesnut coloured hair over her slender shoulder.

“Thank you.” I uttered, trying to avoid her spilling bust as she leant over to fill my glass with wine.

She didn’t hold back as she poured Nathan’s, thrusting her chest into his direction. He remained poised and ignored her.

She placed our water next to the glasses, now full of wine, and clunked the wine bottle next to the salt and pepper.

“May I take your order?” She asked, blinking in Nathan’s direction.

“Yes?” Nathan glanced at me. I gestured for him to order first.

“I insist, ladies first!” He enthused.

“Fine!” I smiled, happy he was being a gentleman. “We’re sharing some nachos, just cheese, nothing else for a starter. Then I’ll have the spaghetti bolognese with salad; rocket salad please.” I said. The waitress scribbled it down, not making eye contact once.

“And you, babe?” She asked Nathan. I rolled my eyes. Bitch.

“I’ll have a steak. Medium rare. Babe.” Nathan said sarcastically, rolling his eyes for her to see. She huffed, but put on a semi-professional front.


“No, thank you.”

“Anything else for the lovely couple?”

“That’ll be all.” I said, cutting in. “Now, chop chop!”

As she trotted away, her heels clip-clopping on the tiled floor, we burst into a bout of laughter.

“What a bitch!” I said. “Do all your dates have to fend off the evil, make-up covered bitches with breasts the size of Jupiter?”

“The size of Jupiter!?” Nathan exclaimed laughing.

“Seen bigger, have you?” I questioned, cocking my head to one side.

“Might’ve.” He winked. “She forgot to take our-“

“I forgot your menus.” The girl had re-appeared, and had r-buttoned her shirt.

“Thanks.” I mumbled. She shot a half smile at me, and clattered away, menus in-hand.

“Gosh. Physcic Nath.”

“What can I say? It’s a gift.” Nathan said, leaning back and shrugging.

We chatted throughout the evening, even as we munched through our food, joking about how the evil waitress may have poisoned my salad. We covered a lot of topics; from bad dates to embarrassing moments and more.

We opted out of desert and Nathan insisted on paying the bill, even though I offered to go Dutch.

We stepped out into the cold night, stumbling slightly. I was slightly tipsy from the wine, but I hoped Nathan didn’t notice. I tended not to drink much, as I was intoxicated easily.

Nathan suggested a stroll around the local park. I smiled, accepting almost immediately. As we neared the gates, Nathan reached out and clutched my hand, which was probably cold as ice.

He smiled warmly as I interlocked our fingers, and he led me over to the swings.

I sat down, reluctantly letting go of Nathan’s hand.

“This is nice.” I hummed, rocking on the swing gently.

“It is.” Nathan automatically mirrored my actions.

“So what did you actually get Jay for Christmas?” I asked. I’d been pondering the question since Boxing Day.

“An Apple Mac.” Nathan replied. “He likes his graphic-things.”

“Ah!” I said. That made sense. “What time is it?”

“11:45.” He said, smiling.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed. He raised an eyebrow. “I forgot! It’s New Years Eve!”

“How the hell did you forget that!?” He asked, laughing.

“I need to go home. My dad, he has this stupid tradition,” I stood up, dragging Nathan onto the street. “He has to welcome in the new year! He goes around the block, comes home and knocks on the door at 12am. I need to be there, or he claims it’s bad luck!” We quickened our pace.

“Oh!” Nathan smiled. “Then let’s go!” He powered walked ahead, and I caught up, my heels slowing me down.

We reached my front door with pink cheeks and I realised I should say something.

“Want to come in to welcome in the new year then, Nath?” I asked, shuffling my feet, sore and cold.

“If you don’t mind?” He asked.

“No, come in!” I smiled, knocking on the door. My brother answered.

“Dad called you.” Craig rolled his eyes. He was only 16, but he had our parents sussed, like me, and we shared little gestures like this all the time.

“I assumed so.” We stepped through the door, and I kicked off my heels, vowing never to touch them again.

The clock on the wall read 11:54, so I let Nathan take off his shoes before dragging him through the living room door, into the warmth that the central heating provided.

The living room was full of havoc, the TV was on full blast, Jools Holland’s TV show in full swing. There was some champagne on the table, ready to be opened come midnight.

Snacks lay around the room, and my mum and dad were pulling the remaining crackers in the corner. They smiled at us as we stepped in, but paid no more attention to us.

I tried to make Nathan feel as comfortable as possible; let him take the remaing place on the sofa, offered him some coke. He laughed at my attempt to play hostess, and told me he was fine. My dad stepped out at 2 minutes to.

“It’s nearly midnight! Yes folks, 2012 is just 15 seconds away. Join in with out yearly countdown!”

“10!” The world seemed to chant, and Nathan stood up, moving to my side and sliding an arm around my waist.

“9!” I smiled up at him, moving into his warmth.

“8!” My brother was fussing about party poppers.

“7!” My mum had the champagne ready, my brother had 3 party poppers.

“6!” My mum suddenly threw 5 glasses out onto the table, holding the champagne tightly.

“5!” Nath’s grip tightned and I smiled, warmly.

“4!” We all chanted.

“3!” I screamed.

“2!” Nathan screamed louder.

“1! Happy new year!” We all chanted.

Then Nathan went and surprised me by twirling me round and full on kissing me.

I went with it, kissing him back passionately; this opportunity is a one-in-a-lifetime one, so best take it, yeah?

A wolf-whistle later, and we were apart.

“Happy new year.” Nathan breathed, and I decided I’d fallen into a dreamworld and that none of this was actually real.

A/N: I am so, so, so very sorry about the lateness of this chapter! Forgive me? I lost it, then re-wrote it at 10pm tonight (04/09/11). Hope you enjoyed. I myself, worked out that the Friday night was, actually, New Year’s eve, and had to turn the storyline around. Sorry! :) I’ve been busy, and now school is starting on Tuesday, I’ll be even busier! Busy-bee! I will try my best to get 2+ chapters up a week until I can finish it!:) Don’t worry, the relationship isn’t happening too fast. You’ll understand as you read the unfolding plot…

I’m rambling. See you all later! Thanks for reading! <3

Chapter 15

“Happy 2012.” I breathed back. “What was that for?”

Nathan smiled and nodded at my mum and dad, who were also (unfortunately for my eyes) involved in some sort of passionate kiss.

“It’s tradition to kiss someone at midnight on new year’s eve!” He reminded me.

Oh. So… was that him fulfilling tradition, or did he really want to kiss me?

Me, I realised. Out of all the skinny, pretty, rich supermodels in the world that would get with him in a second, he chose me to be his first kiss of the year.

Nothing felt real anymore, but as Craig pulled all the party poppers we had, and my mum popped the cork on the champagne, I was brought back to reality.

This was real. This was happening, and I had to savour it before it was gone.

“Come on, do you want some champagne?” I asked as I pulled Nathan to the table where my mum was pouring champagne. She was already tipsy from the cider I assumed she’d been sipping for the past 3 hours, but it was a celebration, so I didn’t care.

My mum poured the glasses and we all grabbed one, ready to toast.

“To the new year!” My mum said, holding her glass to the sky.

“To 2012!” We all chanted, clinking our glasses together and drinking.

The rest of the night was a half blur; I remembered drinking most of the champagne, and at one point we were all dancing along to Adele; but not much else.

Nathan went home around 5am, I recalled.

I awoke from my deep sleep at 1pm. I’d stayed up all night, right up to 9am, before collapsing in exhaustion.

I crawled out of the warm duvet and sluggishly staggered down the stairs.

Only my mum was up, dressed in only her pajamas and her red silk dressing gown and neon pink slippers.

“Good morning!” She chirped. How she could be so alive when she consumed twice the amount of alcohol I did, I have no idea.

“Mornin’.” I managed, leaning against the kitchen wall for support. She was clattering about with pots. “I’ll do those later if you-“

“No, no! I’ll do them!” She protested.

“Okay then…” I said, closing my eyes. My head pounded, and I felt all gruggy.

“So, how did last night go?” She turned to me, cup of tea in each hand. I took the one she offered, thanking her.

“It was good! We just… talked.” I said, smiling at the memory, which seemed so distant now.

“Mmmhm.” My mum said, smiling knowingly. “Of course you did.”

“We did!” I protested, aslmost spilling my tea. “Anyway, I’m tired out. I’m gonna go check my texts and watch some spongebob.”

“I’m getting dressed then your dad and I are going shopping.”

“On New Year’s Day!?” I asked.

“Yes. Things don’t stop for a public holiday. The shop down the road stays open all year, and I need some bread.”

“Okay…” I grabbed my bag of the stairs and almost fell into the living room, collapsing on the sofa. I turned the TV on as I checked my phone. Only one knew text, from Lucy.

“Happy New Year All!” It read. I decided to check twitter. I turned spongebob on, and logged in on my phone.

20+ New mentions. I must admit, my twitter had been neglected. I’d not been on it in 4 days. Slap my wrists if you must.

As I scrolled through the mentions, though, something seemed odd. They didn’t stop at 20. There was well over 50. I decided to manage them properly, so I turned on my laptop and read them carefully.

“@Gemma_TW Oh My God! How do you know Nath!?”

“@Gemma_TW Nath just tweeted you!”

“Why did Nath tweet @Gemma_TW, she hasn’t been on in days!????”

“Whit-woo @Gemma_TW. Text me the deets!”

The last one was from Lucy, of course. All the tweets mentioned Nathan, so obviously he’d tweeted me. Instead of scrolling down to find the tweet, I searched NathanTheWanted.

He’d tweeted “Early-ish start today! (People to see!)” at 12ish.

Before that, “Mornin’! xx” at 11am.

But before that… 3am. “Happy New Year to you all! And to @Gemma_TW!”

So he’d tweeted me a happy new year.

Now there were rumours I was his cousin, his sister (Some ‘fans’ didn’t have a clue.), new member of Parade, secret love, Jayne’s kid, that I’d met him in the street, that I went to Sylvia Young’s, that I was from Gloucester, That I was his neighbour, prostitute, dog walker, cat groomer.

There was a lot of positivity.

And a lot of hate.

“@Gemma_TW is a skank. She doesn’t deserve the tweet.”

“OhMYGOD. @Gemma_TW isnt imprtnt, she’s jst a nobody.”

“@Gemma_TW is obviously sleeping wiv Nayf. Slut.”

I ignored them. It would’ve affected me if I didn’t actually know Nathan, but we’d known each other for a few weeks, so we did know each other.

I texted Lucy, telling her that I’d tell her in person all the ‘deets’.

She texted back that she had a lot to tell me too. I figured Jay’d finally asked her out and she needed to do a form of Siva’s happy dance with someone other than her mum.

I asked when I could come over and she said whenever. I went back upstairs to get dressed.

Bonus Chapter (Slight relation to fic)

The first time Hannah met The Wanted

Gemma called me up at 9 last night, panicking because Lucy was ill and she needed someone to go with her to the Wanted’s single signing, cause her mum wouldn’t let her queue up at 4am for a wristband, even though she was nearly 18.

My mum’s not like that. She’s less strict, so when I asked, she said “Fine, text me a few times, yeah?”

So that’s how I ended up, on a Sunday, for Christ’s sake, stood outside HMV, at 5:20am, freezing to death.

“Thank you again!” Gemma squealed. The girls infront of us had gotten here at 12am, and the girls infront of them had camped out.

“It’s fine!” I smiled at her. “I like them, anyway!”

“Yeah, but you’re not a massive fanor anything…”

“Well? They’re awesome!” I smiled wider at her. “Really, it’s fine. I’m your friend!”

3 hours later, the doors opened and we all were let through. I had to buy a copy of the single as well as getting a wristband, so I took a little longer than Gemma.

She texted Lucy, who apparently had burst into tears at the fact that he’d caught Tonsilitus on one of the only chances she could meet Jay.

Jay was my personal, secret favourite too. The others didn’t know that, of course. I’m not really open about who I like, so I didn’t tell them.

We arrived back at HMV for 4, even though the signing started at 5.

Surprisingly, there was only about 50 of the 500 people they were letting in there.

As we queued, around 300 people flocked in and joined the queue.

We waited for what felt like years, Gemma letting me read the fanbook she’d organised.

There was a lot of attention on the Jay page, probably from Lucy.

They arrived in a recognisable silver van.

We all started shaking with excitement.

I prefer bands like The Script or My Chemical Romance, but The Wanted were definitely creeping up on my list of favourite bands.

People began to filter in at quarter to 5, which Gemma said was unusual. We made it inside, just fitting through the door where the signing would be held.

Screams arrived every 5-6 minutes, but the loudest screams were heard at 5:34pm.

We all unleashed our vocals as the 5 most attractive boys in the room entered, took a (rather cheeky) bow on stage, did some paparazzi and shiz, then sat down behind the white HMV-tableclothed table.

Tears welled up in Gemma’s eyes, but a second later she was fine. Her hands were shaking so much that her single and fanbook were violently convulsing.

“You ready?” I asked as the girls infront of us went up to be signed.


“How many, girls?” The security woman asked.

“Two.” She nodded and gestured us forward. Gemma ran onto the stage-platform-thing, and I followed tentively.

Tom was nearest to us. We gave our singles to security, who placed them onto the table, ready to have the insert signed.

“You alright, then?” He asked me, looking up after he’d signed Gemma’s.

“I’m good. This was a last minute decision, so I’m tired!”

“Tell me about it!” He laughed, signing my single. The queue moved. “Well, see you later, yeah?” I nodded, moving up.


“Hey!” He said, beaming at me. Nathan was actually stunning in person.

“Hi there.” I said. “Having a good day?”

“No!” He said, grimacing. “It’s been awful; I swear, if I have to ride 6 hours in a squashed car ever again…”

“Ugh, you’re telling me! I had to drive my Aunt to Glasgow. Took just over 14 hours.”

“Oh God.” He said, wincing for me. “There you go, babe. Have a good day!” He slid my single along the table.

I shuffled with the queue.

“Oh my god.” I breathed as the wonderful person that is Jay McGuiness appeared infront of me.

“Hiya!” He greeted, finishing Gemma’s single. “You alright?”

“I’m excellent, thanks.” I felt my face heat up as I opened my mouth. “Can I please have a hug?”

Jay looked around. “Quick, before security see!” He murmered, leaning across. I laughed and hugged him tight.

“Thank you so so so so so much!” I said. He smiled.

“It’s fine! Free Hugs for all!” The front of the crowd behind me heard and cheered. Jay laughed and signed my single. “See you later!”

Siva was next, his Irish charm almost touchable.

“Siva!” I chirped. I loved Seev! He’s an awesome man.

“Hello!” He chirped back, Irish accent knocking me off my feet. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Hannah!”

“Ooh, we’ve had a few Hannah’s today!” He said, signing my single. “Must be a popular name.”

“Must be!” I said, before smiling and moving to the last member.

“‘Iya.” Max said as I reached him.

“Hullo!” I smiled at him, the overwhelming urge to pat his head nearly overtaking me.

“You al’ight?”

“I’m good. Bit sweaty now; it’s boiling in here!”

“You’re al’ight, you ‘aven’t got to sit here for 3 hours!”

“True! Good luck!” He smiled warmly at me as I took the single off the table and bounced off.

Once we passed security and made it outside, Gemma let her tears escape.

“Sorry…” She sobbed. “I don’t normally cry, it’s just, they were all so nice, and Lucy would’ve loved it, and you’re such a good friend!”

I laughed, guiding her to KFC.

“So, did you give them the fanbook?” I asked, leading the way to the counter.

I’d fallen in love with Jay. It was official.

Chapter 16

My headache was fading by 2:45, as I approached Lucy’s house. I knocked on the door, expecting her mother to answer it.

Instead I was met with a red-faced brunette dressed in her pajamas.

“Lucy?” I asked as she let me in. “Are you alright?”

She stifled a dry sob. “Jay hasn’t DMd me back.” She said.

I smiled. I honestly assumed the worst; her parents were no where in sight, and her eyes were puffy.

“Is that all? Nath didn’t text me for nine days! We had to bump into him.” She shook her head.

“It’s been 4 days. FOUR! He’s been tweeting, and he even DMd Hannah!” She unfolded a piece of paper she’d pulled from her pocket. “See!”

I saw that the paper had a printed print screen of Hannah’s DMs. They were Hannah’s because her name was in the top right corner and the background was hers.

The DM was simple.

“Want to meet up sometime? :) x”

I checked that it was Jay’s twitter name.

It didn’t look fake.

“Oh, Lucy…” I sighed, folding the paper up and giving it back to her. “He isn’t worth it. Did he ever do anything to prove you were more than friends?”

She shook her head and sobbed again.

“He probably didn’t even mean that he wanted to go on a date with her! He might mean like, a friends thing?”

“Maybe.” She whispered. She wiped the tears that had escaped from her cheeks and put on a shaky smile. “So, details!” She exclaimed. My face heated up as I smiled shyly at her.

“So,” And so I told her. Everything, right down to the unexpected kiss.

“Oh. My. God!” She squealed, cheering up. “SO many girls are going to be jealous of you!”

“I know!” I joined in. “But we can’t tell anyone!”

Lucy frowned. “Not even Kerry?”

Kerry was Lucy’s best Tumblr/Twitter friend. She’d met The Wanted 146 times in total. I know, that’s a lot.

But they told each other everything. It was scary, really, how close they were when they’d never met.

“No. If this gets out, I’ll be killed in my sleep!” She laughed, but I was serious. I knew the extent fans would go for Nathan.

She promised not to tell anybody, and I told her we needed to go out again before college started on the 10th.

“Cinemas?” I asked. She nodded, enthusing about the new Robert Pattinson movie. I agreed to watch it with her the next day. We chose the 1:30 showing.

I returned home after making sure she’d cheered up, and relaxed on the sofa for a bit. It felt like a lazy day, So I just went with it.

I got a text around half past 7, which is unusual, because I never normally get more than one text in a day unless I initiate the conversation.

I checked it, and clocked that it was from Nathan.

Ridicualous fangirl giggles bubbled inside me, but I held them in, reading.

Want to do something tomorrow? Jayne says we need to make sure we make the most of our time off. Jay and Max are bored too. :) Nath xx

I texted back: Sure! I’m going to the cinemas with Lucy to see the new Robert Pattinson movie; I think it’s called Gravity. 1:30, Cineworld. xxx

He texted that they’d be there, so I figured I should let Lucy know.

Invited Nath, Max and Jay. We’re actually going to the cinema with 3 members of TW! :) Is that okay? x

She said it was, and fangirled a little. I decided that I’d stop fangirling over them. We knew them now.

No, they knew us now. That was exciting to think. Not long ago, we were obssessed with them, and they didn’t even know who we were. Now it’s different.


I woke up rather early the next morning and threw on some clothes.

Lucy picked me up at one in her parent’s car, and she drove us down. She told me about how her parents had bought her a fish, for no reason at all. She wanted to pick a name and she needed help.

I told her to ask Jay, after all, they’d be talking to each other; they were sort of made for each other.

She said a quick, “Maybe.” And abandoned it.

After parking up, we walked to the entrance and walked into Cineworld.

The boys were there, leaning against the wall in a corner, heads low.

We approached them and Max noticed us first.

“Hi!” He said, pulling each of us into a hug.

“Hi guys!” I said, hugging back as each member hugging me.

“Do you mind getting the tickets for us? We want to lay low.” Nathan said, holding out some money. I took it.


“There’s enough there for all of us.” He said.

“Not again!” I said, handing him £10 back. “I’m paying for my own.”

“I insist.” He said, pressing the money into my palm and giving me a reassuring smile.

I returned it and gave up, heading to the ticket desk.

Chapter 17

“5 for ‘Gravity’, please.” I said to the ticket man.

“That’ll be £32.50, please.”

Woah, prices had hit an all time high. I handed over the 4 £10 notes that Nathan had handed me. The boys had obviously glanced at the priced beforehand.

The ticket man handed me five tickets.

“Thank you.”

“Screen 8.” He replied. I wandered back to the boys, handing Nathan the change and thanking him again for paying. He shrugged it off.

“Shall we go?” Jay asked, gesturing to the entrance.

“Can I get some popcorn?” Lucy asked.

“Nachos!” Max agreed. They headed over to the snacks stand.

“Do you want anything?” Nathan asked me.

“Not if you’re paying for it.” I said, smiling up at him. He smiled back, warmly. Jay, meanwhile, was tapping away at his 22nd Blackberry.

“You alright there?” I asked him as he furiously tapped, a smile on his face.

He turned a weird shade of pink and said, “Yep!”

I could see Nath roll his eyes out of the corner of mine.

Max and Lucy returned around 10 minutes later; Max had been spotted by a gaggle of teenage fans and had to do the whole pictures and autographs routine.

As we got in, the trailers for other films were just starting. We chose our seats; the place was pretty empty, so we took the middle of the back row.

Max sat on my right, Nathan on my left, then Lucy, then Jay.

A trailer came on for Break-ups and Make-ups, then one for Friendemies. Teenage movies that tweens loved. I could guess the type of movie this would be.

The movie came on.

Half way through, Nathan subtly wrapped his arm around me, and I leaned into his chest. It felt really couple-y, and it was nice.  I mean, one date didn’t say that we were official, of course. And I didn’t want to rush things; but I could honestly see this going somewhere.

At the end, the credits rolled up and the lights came on. Max stood up, ready to leave. The film to him, and I quote, was “A sickly romance that led nowhere. No plot. What a waste of 149 minutes.”

Jay stood up, stretched and helped Lucy up. Her eyes were pink-ish; she’d definitely welled up when Robert nearly got killed by the 50 foot rabid werewolf/dog/thing.

I’d nearly fallen asleep on Nathan, and as he moved, I was awakened from my haze.

“That was sooo boring!” I complained as I stretched.

“Tell me about it.” Nathan muttered, standing up and stretching his back. He held out his hand and helped me up. I grabbed my bacg and threw it over my shoulder.

We left, but as we approached the exit of the cinema, we saw the horrible reality of English weather outside.

“Bloody rain.” Max rolled his eyes. Hammering down didn’t describe it. The rain was literally pelting down in droplets the size of skittles.

Lucy looked at me hopefully.

“No umbrella.” I said. “We’ll have to get wet.” Nathan raised his eyebrow suggestively. “Shut it, you.” I said, half rolling my eyes.

“At least you guys have a car. Our ride isn’t coming.” Jay said, frowning at his phone.

“What!?” Nathan exclaimed, reading the text that Jay had read. “Bloody Siva. Made Kev get the driver to take him to Selfridges.” He explained.

Lucy cocked her head to one side.

“Poptarts.” The boys said in unison.

“Oh.” I said. “Well…” I looked at Lucy, knowing she’d understand.

“Fine.”  She said. “We could take you home…”

“Thank you!” The boys chorused, crushing us in a hug. We laughed, and turned to the door.

As I stepped out, something warm and slightly heavy was thrown over my head.

I pulled the material off my face and left it resting on my head. Nathan was smiling down at me from my left.

“Thank you.” I said, beaming up at him. He’d thrown his coat over me to keep me dry. “Shall we?” I held out my hand.

“We shall.” He replied, taking my hand and running forward, pulling me with hm. We chased after the others who were nearing the car already.

Lucy yanked the driver’s door open and jumped in, Jay taking the passenger seat.

I ended up squashed between Nathan and Max.

“Thank you for that.” I said, throwing Nathan’s coat at him.

“Thank you for wetting me.” He said, folding his coat up carefully.

“Anytime.” I beamed at him.

“‘Chelle’s here!” Max exclaimed, phone in hand.

We all turned to him, and he beamed back at us. “Woo!”

“That’s great!” Lucy said, turning the corner onto the boy’s street.

“For you. You don’t get the… noises.” Jay shivered, and I felt Nathan shiver beside me too.

“Too much information, guys!” I said, shuddering at the thought. Max was just laughing.

“Just because you guys can’t get any.” He said as Lucy parked up outside their house.

“That’s what you think.” Jay winked into the rearview mirror.


“Well, see you later!” I said, before Lucy could say anything. Max said bye as he climbed out, jogging to the house. Jay got out too.

Nathan smiled at me, as he opened his door. “Bye!” He said, kissing my cheek and climbing out. My face heated up.

Lucy wolf-whistled as he shut the door and jogged into the house, waving over his shoulder.

“Oh, shut up.” I said as she pulled out.

Chapter 18

The next day I lay in bed and just let everything sink in. I was so tired that I slept most of the day away.

The fourth of January rolled past too. I had a bit of a headache, so I spent all day curled up on the couch with a drink of hot chocolate and took paracetamol at regular intervals.

By 8pm on the 6th, I was bored out of my mind, and had watched every single episode of spongebob in existence.

“Hannaaaahhhh…” I moaned down the phone a few minutes later.

“Gemmaaaaa…” She imitated.  “You’re bored?”

“Yes.” I replied. “Can we go ice skating?”

“… When?” She asked hesitantly.

“Tomorrow…” I replied cautiously.

“Er…” She paused.


“I’m busy.”

“You’re what?”


“Wait…” I feigned shock. “You, Hannah Danielle McCallum, are busy. In the holidays.”

“Er… yes?” She replied tentively.

“BLOODY HELL!” I cried in frustration. “Whhhhy!?”


Then it clicked.

“It’s a boy, isn’t it.” I said. My heart dropped when I understood. I could see ice cream and a trip to Lucy’s in the future.

“Yes.” Hannah said quickly. “I’m sorry, Gemma, please don’t be mad! Please don’t tell Lucy, oh God, she’s gonna hate me, what do I do Gemma, we’ve been friends for 10 years!”

I heard the panic in her voice and I knew my suspicions were correct.

“Since when?” I asked. I was honestly gobsmacked. I’d thought nothing of that one DM a few days ago, but now…

“Since Boxing Day. He gave me his number and we texted none stop all day the next day and the next and the next…” She trailed off and I could hear the smile on her face. I sighed. All I wanted was a day out; not a dilemma where I’d have to tell a white lie to my best friend.

“Alright.” I sighed. An idea sprung into my mind that made me smile excitedly. “Well, any chance we could make it a double date?”

“I think that would work!” Her tone lightened. “And I’m sure Nathan will be up for it! Jay says he’s been bored for days!”

“How did you know I meant Nathan!?” I asked, shocked.

Hannah laughed. I waited.

“Oh, you’re serious!?” She laughed more.


“That’s something you should ask Jay. Or better yet, Nathan.”

I paused, confused.

“Anyway, so ice skating?” She asked, the smile still in her voice.

“I thought you had plans?” I asked, shifting my weight on the sofa.

“Nah, I had plans to meet with Jay,” She said, “but we hadn’t decided where to go.”

“Oh.” I said. “So, 11am? At the fountains next to the ice rink?”

“Yes.” She said. “You tell Nathan.” She giggled, “See you later!”

“Bye Hannah!” I said, ending the call. Now I had a problem. Should I break the news gently to Lucy, or wait until we went back to college?

I decided the latter, and went back to enjoying my day.


I woke up at 9am the next day, ready to ice skate until my limbs hurt.

I dressed in suitable clothing, then ran downstairs.

My mum was sat at the table eating what appeared to be cornflakes with banana. Yuck.

“Love?” She asked as I sat down on the couch to put my converse on.

“Yes?” I asked, tying my left laces.

“Are you busy today?” I looked at her in disbelief. Firstly, she wasn’t looking to see me putting on shoes. Secondly, I’d told her twice last night that I was going out and I’d even mooched £10 off her.

“Er… Yes?” I replied.

“Oh.” She sighed.

“Why?” I asked, eyes wide in wonder.

“Well, your dad and I wanted a day out as it’s our day off, and we have a free pass for a trip around Blackpool.” She sighed again. “But your brother’s too young to stay home alone…” She perked up. “Couldn’t you take him ice skating with you!?”

I sighed. “He’s nearly 15 for pete’s sake!” I moaned. “Let him stay home alone!”

“I can’t.” She said. “He’s too young.”

“Ugh! Tell him to go to Claire’s?” Claire was Craig’s ‘girlfriend’.

“He’s touchy about Claire, you know that.”

“He’s not even up and I’m leaving in 20 minutes to catch the bus!” I complained. She turned to me and tried her puppy dog look. “FINE.” I conceded, finishing tying my shoes and running upstairs.


Within 5 minutes, Craig was stumbling downstairs with one shoe on, his hair barely gelled up.

We were out within the time limit, thanks to my brilliant persuasive skills.

We caught the bus, me having to pay for Craig much to my despair, just as we arrived at the bus stop.

Craig was himself. Annoying.

“Who are we even meeting!?” He complained, pouting annoyingly.

“Hannah.” I said. “And Jay and Nathan…” I added slyly.

Craig stared at me.

“We’re meeting celebrities!?” He exclaimed, making half the people on the bus stare at us.

“Shh!” I said, slapping the back of his head. “Yes. And don’t you make me look stupid in front of them.”

“You mean in front of Nathan!” He said, wolf whistling.

“Ha ha.” I said, heat making my face turn a good shade of scarlett. “Just because he actually texts me, unlike Claire.” Oh crap, I’d hit a nerve. I prepared for the worst.

Actually,” I could hear the smug smile on Craig’s face. “Claire dumped Dave.” His smile broadened. “For me.”

I blinked at him.

“You’re kidding!” I was actually smiling for him. “Claire Bradlin, girl of your dreams, who you’ve stalked (“That was onetime!”), called over and over, texted endlessly with no reply… Claire who’s rejected you because Dave had a newer phone asked you out!?”

“Yeah.” Craig said smugly as I replayed what I just said in my head.

“She’s not worth it.” Craig frowned. “ANYWAY…” I interrupted before he could butt in. “I want this to go right. I don’t want you messing it up, I really like him.” And I realised; I really did. “Please?” I asked, smiling at him. He gave in, nodding.

We got off at the bus station, then took a short cut to the fountains outside the rink.

Hannah was there, laughing animatedly, phone to her ear. She was twirling her hair.

God, she must actually, honestly love Jay.

“Hannah!” I called as we approached.  She smiled, then nodded curiously at Craig. She spoke into her phone then ended the call.

“Hi!” She hugged me, then Craig, much to his disapprovement.

“So, why are you here, boy?” She asked, towering above him as she stood up straight.

“Mum didn’t want him left alone.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, I’m sure the guys won’t mind.” Hannah smiled excitedly. “They’ll be here in 5 minutes, their driver was late on picking them up; something about an emergency and his wife. I don’t know.”

I smiled. “Can I just say one thing?” She nodded. “As much as I disapprove about the whole situation, lying to Lucy, stealing away her dreams-“

“I get you.” Hannah winced.

“I’m glad your happy.” I said, smiling.

“Thank you.” She said, smiling sincerely. “I’m glad you came!”

We laughed, and broke into a chorus of the song… just as a car pulled up near us, and two gorgeous lads stepped out.

“Woo!” The taller one said, bouncing over to us. The smaller one joined in, and soon, we’d finished the whole song. Craig clapped sarcastically.

“Hi.” I said after we all stopped laughing. “I brought my brother along; my mum didn’t want him alone, sorry.” I apologised, smiling sheepishly.

“That’s alright.” Jay said. “I’m Jay.” He held his hand out and my brother shook it.

“Craig.” He said.

“Nathan.” Nathan shook Craig’s hand too.

Craig opened his mouth to speak and I stepped on his foot. A squeak came from his mouth and he glared at me. I smiled widely and nodded at the rink.

“Shall we go?” I asked. Hannah and Jay were in an animated conversation, so Nathan replied.

“Yep.” He smiled, turning me to the door. As we walked, Nathan slipped his hand into mine. I didn’t look at his ace, but smiled to myself.

Craig was trailing behind, texting furiously. Jay and Hannah were as close together as any two people could be without merging together, whispering.

Bonus Chapter

The first time Lucy met The Wanted

Gemma was pulling me to the front of the line. Girls around us chattered excitedly. My heart started to flutter, and I felt sick with nerves.

I was shaking as I watched the crowd that was once unorganised develop into two orderly lines, like a red carpet leading towards the radio station.

"I’m shaking." I mumbled, moving closer to Gemma.

"Me too." She replied quietly.

Suddenly, the girl furthest from the door screamed, making me jump. A ripple of screams ran through us, and I even joined in a little bit.

A silver van had arrived, and the side door had slid open, Big Kev lunging out to hold the crowd back.

I knew who’d come out of the van first before they did. I just felt it, and as a head of curly hair emerged, I was right.

"I can see Jay, he’s coming first…" I shouted to Gemma, words spilling from my mouth before I could form them in my mind.

"JAY!" I screamed as he approached. He’d just stepped past me. His eyes lit up as a warm smile appeared on his lips. This was my chance. I opened my arms out to give him a big, cuddly Jay hug, and he leant forward. My hands were millimetres away from his tall frame as Kev appeared from behind him and hurled him away from me. I stepped forward in hope, but it was too late.

My heart dropped to my feet and I barely noticed as the others passed.

Siva must have seen how upset I looked- or maybe Gemma had beckoned him over, I don’t know, but all of a sudden he was hugging me, the big brotherly hug I’d always assumed Siva would give.

The doors shut behind them, and tears spilled down my cheeks.

"I can’t believe Jay was dragged away from meeeee!" I started to sob, sinking to the floor. Girls glanced at me, but had seen the image too often to care. Lots of girls broke down after meeting the boys.

Gemma sunk down next to me and rubbed my back.

The security said they’d come out and meet us, but we all knew that they’d have to rush off to the next radio station as they were late already. It was too late.

Why do I love him so much?

Chapter 19

We stepped through the door and walked over to the desk.

“5.” Nathan said to the man. He pulled £25 out of his wallet, but I jumped ahead and paid for me and Craig.

“Not again.” I said as he glanced at me. He rolled his eyes and handed £15 over instead.

“What size feet are you?” The little old lady croaked.

“We’ll need two 7s.” I said on behalf of me and Craig. “Oh, and Hannah’ll need a 6.”

She took our shoes and gave us ice skates. I used to be scared of the blade on the bottom, thinking that it was sharp, but now I was older, I could see that the blade was flat, and not that dangerous at all.

We got onto the ice easily, Hannah nearly fell as she did, but there weren’t any injuries.

“I have a confession.” I spoke up as Nathan helped me to the edge of the rink. He raised one eyebrowseductivelyand I continued. “I can’t skate.”

Nathan laughed and replied, “Me neither.”

So as Craig whizzed around the rink and Hannah and Jay skated slowly and romantically around the edge, Nathan and I stumbled, slipped and tripped a few centimetres forward.

“This isn’t working.” I laughed.

“I know.” Nathan said, steadying himself. We stopped and searched for Hannah and Jay. Hannah was leaning at the edge of the rink, and Jay had been approached by two young girls, around the age of 15, who looked very flushed and excited.

“Fans.” Nathan and I said at the same time, before laughing.  That was when I realised that if they saw Nathan, there’d be no chance that I’d have him to myself all day.

“Is it selfish that I don’t want them to see you?” I asked, looking up at him. He may be the smallest member of The Wanted, but I wasn’t that tall myself, so it evened things out.

“No.” He said softly, smiling. “Cause I don’t want them to see you either.”

I understood. If they saw us, they’d assume. And then tell people. And then I’d get hated, Nathan’d get hated and a lot of girls would stop being fans.

I shook it off.

“Look, Jay’s satisfied them.” Nathan was right; the girls were giggling, but they were skating to the exit. The rest of the people on the rink were middle aged, except for a few children who were too young to have heard of The Wanted.

Thanking God, I grabbed Nathan’s hand and skated a bit further forward.

“Hey!” I exclaimed happily. “I’ve got the hang of this!”

I let go of his hand and skated faster beaming with joy.

My luck ran out as I felt something hit me. I’d underestimated how many people were here, and had ran into someone, knocking us both down painfully.

“Oww…” I complained as I struggled to stand. Nathan appeared to my left. Through his laughter, concern shone in his eyes, and he helped me up. “Spoke too soon.” I said, rubbing my leg. I used Nathan as a support and swivelled round to apoligize to the person I’d knocked over.

“Lucy!” I exclaimed in surprise as I saw my best friend crumpled on the ground, clutching her arm in pain. “Are you okay!?” She grimaced up at me.

“Lucy!?” A small boy appeared, two paramedics following.

“Ben, it’s okay, she’s just hurt her arm.” I said, almost slipping again as I pulled the boy over to me.

The other skaters moved around Lucy, who was bending and straightening her arm for the paramedic.

Guilt rushed through me. Firstly, I’d come here with Jay and Nathan without telling her, secondly, I was keeping Hannah and Jay’s relationship a secret from her, and finally, I’d just knocked her down.

It was really awkward to do anything on the ice, so when the paramedics announced that she needed to go to the hospital to put a sling on her arm as she’d sprained it, I decided to go with her.

Jay and Hannah had arrived and Hannah was looking sheepish as Lucy eyed them up.

The paramedics helped her as she shakily stood up and slowly glided off the ice.

I glanced to Nathan, and he smiled warmly, helping me to the exit.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” He whispered. I smiled up at him, sliding my hand into his.

10 minutes later, the group of us were gathered outside of the rink.

“Only one person can travel with Lucy.” The paramedic, whose name was Steve, asked.

“I’ll go.” I offered. An ambulance was parked on the road. “Can you guys take Ben? He’s only 7.” I gestured to the small boy, who was almost in tears. He probably thought Lucy was dying.

“Of course.” Jay said, and we parted ways. I helped Lucy into the ambulance, but she didn’t say a word.

The paramedics got in, chatting quietly. Their radio buzzed a bit, and they set off.

“So,” I started. Lucy hadn’t even said hello yet. “This is an unexpected turn of events!” I smiled warmly.

“…” She grimaced. I knew her heart was breaking. Lucy was one of the brightest people I knew. She’s clocked the relationship between Hannah and Jay. She’d realised. I hated seeing her this way.

Lucy still hadn’t spoken as we arrived at the hospital.

A doctor double checked her arm and agreed that she’d just sprained it. She bandaged up Lucy’s arm, then filled in some papers, telling her that she couldn’t put too much strain on her arm.

As we stepped out of the small room, I turned to Lucy.

“I’m sorry.” I said. “For spraining your arm, first off. And for going ice skating with the boys without telling you. And for not telling you about Hannah and-“

“It’s okay.” She said, sighing. “I should’ve known you and Nathan would go out without me. I’m just really surprised that Hannah would do that without telling me. She knows how I feel about him.”

“I know.” I said, putting my arm around her. “But she really likes him. She was really scared about telling you, that’s why she didn’t.”

Lucy sighed. “Do I have to be the better person now?” I laughed.

“You do.”

We continued into the waiting room and found the boys and Hannah waiting.

Hannah flushed pink as she saw Lucy.

Ben rushed over and embraced Lucy, beaming up. “’m glad you’re not dead.”

We all laughed, and Lucy ruffled his hair.

“Where’s Craig?” I asked the group.

“He said he had to go to some girl’s house? Or something…” Hannah said. Good, one less person to look after.

“Sorry for ruining your day, guys.” Lucy said.

“You didn’t ruin it!” I protested. Lucy sighed. “Lets go home.” I said, nodding to Nathan to open the door for us.

Hannah had brought Lucy’s parent’s car to the hospital and had called herself a taxi. Hannah jumped in with him and Nathan offered to drive Lucy, Ben and I home.

We drove in almost silence; Nathan started to hum quietly to himself and we all felt a little more comfortable.

Nathan pulled up at Lucy’s house.

“Do you want to borrow the car?” Lucy offered, climbing out.

“Nah, it’s only a short walk.” Nathan said, climbing out too.

“Okay.” Lucy said, guiding Ben through the gate. “Thanks for driving, I’d have had to call a taxi otherwise.”

“It’s no problem!” Nathan beamed. Lucy smiled back.

“See you later, Gem.” She looked at me pointedly, before hugging me. I knew she was waiting for me to fill her in on the whole Hannah/Jay situation.

She waved as she shut the door on us.

“Shall we?” Nathan asked, gesturing for me to lead the way.

“We shall!” I said, smiling and walking beside him. The weather had turned cold and a mild wind brushed against our faces.

It didn’t take long to get to my house. We stopped outside.

“So.” I said. Things had suddenly become awkward.

“So.” Nathan smiled.

“This is me.”

“I know.”


He chuckled a little. “Look,” He said, becoming a little serious. “I really like you.”

My heart jumped and I could feel my face heating up.

“I like you too.” I murmered. Nathan beamed.

“So, can we call it official?” He whispered, moving closer.

“Like… boyfriend/girlfriend?” I asked, delighted. He nodded, but didn’t break eye contact.

“Yeah, that sounds cool.” I smiled, unable to contain my joy. Nathan beamed back, then leant in and kissed me softly. I returned the kiss before we pulled away.

“Do we need to tell the fans?” I asked, thinking of all my followers on twitter (which I’d been neglecting for weeks)

“… Not yet.” He said, flicking his fringe from his eyes. “And I think we should keep it secret from everybody else too. Just so no one sends us death threats until at least February. These things have a way of getting out.”

“I understand.” I said, shyly glancing at him. And it was good, because it meant that we could keep it between us; our own intimate little secret. Excited didn’t explain how I felt. Life suddenly made sense, and everything I’d dreamt of started slipping into place.

A/N: Sorry this is so late! I’ve been so busy with school, looking at colleges and shiz that I’ve been neglecting my writing D: I hope you enjoyed! Btw, Ben is Lucy’s cousin. I couldn’t find a way to slip it in there. Any spelling mistakes are unintentional; if you find one, just tell me here and I’ll fix it!:) Thank you for being patient with me!

Chapter 20

As I shut the door behind me, I took a moment to squeal excitedly and perform a section of Siva’s happy dance.

I just felt like mush, my heart was all tingly and jelly-fied.

I breathed slowly, trying to calm myself down. From the looks of the house, no one was home, so I half-skipped into the living room, threw my bag down and sprawled myself on the sofa. I then realised that I best check how Craig was, so I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called him.

“… Hello?”

“Craig? Where are you?”

“Oh, it’s you. I’m just at Claire’s (A giggle came from the background) – No, that one.. yep, one second Claire – is that all?”

“Yes, that’s all, bloody hell, I was just checking you weren’t dead. Mum will kill me if you’re not home soon, and if she kills me, I’ll kill you.”

“… Two please – no, some sauce. Ta. Look, Gemma, I’ll be home before 8, just calm down. I’ve gotta go, Claire’s mum’s made us some dinner and it’s getting cold.”



“CRAIG!… For God’s sake!” He had the cheek to hang up on me. Well, he better be ready for mum’s wrath.

Feeling slightly lonely, and awkwardly bored, I decided to log onto twitter on my laptop.

The familiar homepage flashed up and I tweeted I’m very happy! :). I checked my mentions, but didn’t reply to any, as half of them were a few weeks old.

I became bored quickly. No one was tweeting anything interesting; just stuff like Finally put up my new TW calendar!:) and Ed Sheeran’s new single is Ah-may-zing! So I logged out again.

Why was life so boring?

Then I was hit with another wave of excitement, and decided to watch some TV.


I woke up slowly, limbs aching from skating and eyes bleary from a late night.

Mum and Dad had come home at 9pm, 10 minutes after Craig had staggered through the door, tired out from ‘talking to Claire all night’. Apparently, if there was one thing that girl could do, it was talk. They’re expressed their concern for Lucy after I told them the story, and then we all watched Traffic Cops before falling asleep around 11pm ish.

It appeared to be 1pm (from the looks of the digital clock by the side of my bed that was always 3 ½ hours ahead), so I just got up.

It was 5pm that the phone started ringing, and my dad picked it up.

“Hello?” I flicked over  to MTV Hits.

“Oh, hi Lucy. Yeah, she’s just watching TV, let me get her.” My dad turned to me. “Gem, it’s Lucy.” He handed me the phone.

“Thank you.” I put it to my ear. “Hi Luce. Is your arm feeling-“




“Send me a link on twitter?” I logged onto my twitter via my laptop (which was on as I’d just finished an English essay that was due on the 10th January. It being the 8th, I had to rush to get it finished.

Lucy had sent the link within a seconds of me requesting it. I clicked on it, and an article appeared.

Nathan from The Wanted’s been out and about!

Nathan Sykes (aka NathanTheWanted) took a trip to the ice rink for some excersise… in love?

Yes, the photo we are about to share may make some of you cry, and some of you clap in happiness. But most of you will cry.

There was then a photo of Lucy being helped off the rink by two paramedics and a circle around… mine and Nathan’s inter joined hands.

I felt sick as I saw my face beaming up at Nathan.

“Oh no.” I whispered down the phone.

“I know.” Lucy murmured.

“I’m gonna get so much hate.” Lucy remained silent.

This mystery girl has been seen around Nathan a lot through the past few weeks, it continued. And she seems like someone he wants to keep around him. Look out ladies, it seems Nathan, who once claimed that he was ‘scared to get a girlfriend’ has gone and got a girlfriend.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIIIIIT!” I exclaimed.

“LANGUAGE!” My dad shouted from the kitchen. Too flustered to apoligise, I ignored him.

“What should I do, Lucy? Tell the world? Tell Nathan to tell the world? Go into hiding!?” Why was I panicking so much?

Oh yeah, because in less than a week, every Nathan fan in my town would be knocking at my door with pitchforks and guns.

Maybe I’m over exaggerating, but I’ll be hated on until I physically die and/or break up with him.

“Maybe I need to break up with him..?” I murmured.

“Break up!? So you’re actually going out together!?” Lucy exclaimed.

“Yeah, since last night.”

“But Gemma! You idiot!”

“What?” I asked.

“He likes you! He asked you out, for Pete’s sake!  Think about the hate he’ll get! Tenfold what you’ll get!”


“No, don’t interrupt!” She scolded. “Look, I may not have any chance with Jay- no, don’t say anything- but that’s not anyone’s fault! You have a chance, a real, physical chance with Nathan! Ugh, you’re so annoying! If you reject that chance then the consequences aren’t anyone’s fault but your own!” She paused, gasping for breath after getting so worked up.

“God, Lucy…” I sighed, taking it all in. “You’re so right. Why did I even consider ending it? Ugh, I’m so confused.”

“I think you should talk to Nathan.” She said.

God, why was she so good at giving advice?

“I will, thank you. God, I love you Luce, ya know that?” She chuckled.

“I do.”

I smiled. “So, do you want me to tell you about Hannah and Jay?” I said, hesitation slightly.

Lucy hesitated also. “… No.” She murmured. “Hannah called me. She already explained. They’re in love, Gemma. I can’t do anything about it.” She sighed. “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

“Aw Luce…” I felt horrible for her. She’d spent months obsessing over Jay, and she couldn’t have him. “There’ll be someone else. He’s on in billions literally. At least you had a slight chance… some girls haven’t even met him!”

“I know.” She said. A pause. “I just… wish it was me.”

We fell into silence. 

“So…” I started. “Did you finish your English essay?” She was a year older than me, but was in my English Lang and Lit class due to re-sitting her English GCSE.

“No.” We laughed.

“Ah. Well, I’ll let you do it. And I mean it, go do it, or Mr Walsh will kill you. He hates you already, remember?”

“Ahaha, I know. See you Gemma.”

“Bye, and thank you.”

“It’s ok.” She said, and we ended the call.

I typed in Nathan’s number in my house phone, my thumb hovering over the green button.

I pressed it down.

Chapter 21

“Hello?” Came a deep voice from down the line. I realised that this was our first phone call. Something warm stirred deep inside me.

“Hi Nath, it’s Gemma.” I smiled down the phone. “I was just wondering if you’ve been on twitter?”

“Aha!” Nathan laughed down the phone. “The hate and confused tweets I’m getting from that photo of us is making me laugh.”

“… I’m scared.” I admitted. The line was silent. “What if someone recognises me? They could attack me.” Nathan stayed silent for a minute. Then I heard some shuffling and finally a click. He’d moved rooms.

“Don’t worry.” His voice was soft, soothing. “It’s my fault, I’m sorry.” He sounded sad. I remembered the countless interviews where he confessed his fear of getting a girlfriend who’d get hated on. I read those interviews with sympathy, feeling sorry that he felt like part of his human rights were being pulled from him. I vowed never to hate on any of the boy’s girlfriends, but look at my position now.

“Don’t, I’m sorry Nathan. It’s not your fault at all, you didn’t ask to be this famous.” The situation pulled at my heartstrings. I suddenly felt more sorry for him than I feared for myself.

“I shouldn’t have got you into this.” He sighed. “If you want to end it-“

“No!” I protested. “No. I’m not ending it. For God’s sake, we should be allowed to go out like normal people! I really like you, Nath! I don’t want to end something that hasn’t begun!”

“Aw, Gemma, I really like you too.” He was smiling, his cheerful tone gave it away. “Me neither. I really want to see where this goes, I don’t know about you.”

“I agree.” I smiled as we fell into comfortable silence.

“Look, the boys minus Siva taking the train to London to see how our new flats look; you know, how far they’ve been decorated.” He took a breath, and I listened close to it, feeling closer than ever to him. “SO… Free house? Come over, we could watch a movie?”

“That sounds great!” I beamed. “Have you got The Hangover?”

“Epic movie!” He praised. “Unfortunately, all DVDs, except Avatar of course, are at the bottom of a box that is in London right now. So… I don’t know if you have anything..?”

“I have The Hangover! It’s one of the three DVDs I own; the other two being Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Paper Heart.” I paused “I’m a Michael Cera fan… Anyway…” I coughed. “Should I come over now?”

A hesitation. My heart panicked at the sound of silence, and not an instant ‘YES!’.

“I can come over in a couple of hours if you’re busy…”

“No, no…” He sighed. “The paparazzi have found us. I’m surprised it took them this long. And by the looks of it, there’s 15 fans waiting outside too.” There was a rustle of material falling back into place. The curtain. “If I get Seev and we go out to the fans now; they’ll go. Come over in 30 minutes?”

I glanced to the clock. It was 5:29pm.

“Yes, perfect.” I needed to change out of my pyjamas anyway. “See you.”

“Bye, babe.” I may have squealed a little as the phone clicked off. He’d asked me over. HE’D CALLED ME BABE! My mind was running in excited circles.

I jumped up and ran upstairs to get changed.

After telling my mum and dad where I was going, getting changed and grabbing The Hangover,I headed out.

I’d thrown on a beanie and some sun glasses because I knew that although the fans might clear, the paparazzi wouldn’t. I didn’t want them selling a photo of me going into the house to some cheesy teen magazine.

Luckily, there were enough people around the house (the fans hadn’t budged) for me to slip though and knock on the door unnoticed.

It swung open and I was pulled in quickly, the door slamming behind me.

I looked up and was face to face with Nathan.

“Hi.” I breathed, smiling at the whole situation.

“Hello.” He beamed cheekily, before leaning in and kissing me softly

We pulled away simultaneously

Nathan led me into the living room, where he’d set up the DVD player (i.e. He’d pressed the ‘open’ button)

“The fans are still out there I see.” I commented, passing the DVD to him to put in the player. I sat down on the sofa as he put it in. (No innuendo intended)

“Yeah. We went out and took photos, but they said they were waiting mainly for Max and Jay, so we said fine.” He rolled his eyes. “Did any of them see you come in?” He sat down next to me, handed me one of the two J2Os that were on the side table and a big bowl of popcorn.

“No, they were fangirling over Terrence Wonder I believe.” He laughed and pressed play.


Around the part of the movie where Alan is being a boss at gambling, I could feel my eye lids getting heavy. I was curled up under Nathan’s arm, and his breathing was soothing.

I let myself close my eyes for a minute, then opened them.

Once more couldn’t hurt, so I closed them again.

Chapter 22

Suddenly, the volume of the TV changed to a low murmur, making me frown and open my eyes.

I was surprised to see that the TV was off. I blinked and glanced upwards, towards Nathan.

His eyes were shut, and his breathing was easy. I smiled up at him. It was one of my fantasies to see the boys asleep, and here one was, right in front of me.

“Oh, you’re awake are you?” Irish accent giving him away, I glanced to my left.

“How long was I asleep?” I whispered as I caught sight of Siva sat on the floor, stroking Elvis.

“Not sure; I came down at 8:30 and you were both asleep. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” He smiled, making my face heat up. The low murmurs in the background grew into a loud laugh that I could recognise anywhere. Tom, Max and Jay had arrived back, and were laughing in the kitchen.

“What time is it now, then?” I asked.


“Oh.” I sighed tiredly, then grimaced. Siva cocked his head curiously as the numbing prickly feeling crawled up my arm. “Pins and needles.” I moaned, trying to move my arm.

It was stuck between Nathan and the sofa.

“Just wake him up!” Siva laughed as I struggled.

“No!” I whispered. “He looks so peaceful.” I glanced back towards Nathan’s face, which did look content. Just looking at him made me yawn loudly.

Too loudly apparently, as a moment later he stirred stiffly, stretching awkwardly.

He noticed me and smiled down, making me turn a shade of pink.

“Hi.” I whispered.

“Morning.” He yawned.

Siva and I laughed at him.

I sat up as he realised that it was just late, not the next day.

“Oh shut it.” He said, throwing a cushion at Siva. “Are the others back?” He asked, stretching his arms.

“Yep!” Siva smiled. “In t’kitchen. Speaking of…”

“Yes, I’ll make you both a brew.” He rolled his eyes. “Two sugars?” He asked me. I nodded, happy that he remembered my preference.

He stood up, stretching again and revealing his back as his shirt rode up. I found it incredibly sexy, I’ll admit it.

“Ah, Seev.” I turned to him. “Any chance you can show me Terrence and Neptune?”

Siva’s face lit up in excitement. “Neptune has a new cap!” He enthused, standing up and going to get the mascots from upstairs.

Minutes past, and neither boys returned, so I decided to help Nathan make the teas.

As I approached the kitchen, the low murmur of voices became audible and I could hear Max, Tom and Nathan talking.

“… ready in eight days!” Tom’s Bolton accent mused.

“But only if the decorator can fix the plaster on the ceiling. Oh, and if Jayne pays by Thursday.” Max added.

“That’s great!” Nathan’s voice was filled with excitement. “But what about Gemma?”

My heart stopped. Should I have just stepped in?

“She’ll have to stay here. Jayne said it, boys only.”

“Well I wouldn’t pull her out of college anyway…”

“She can visit!”

“It’s hours away, idiot!” A thud implied that Max had whacked Tom.

I backed away slowly, sitting back on the sofa.

The conversation meant one thing.

The new flats were ready.

Chapter 22

Suddenly, the volume of the TV changed to a low murmur, making me frown and open my eyes.

I was surprised to see that the TV was off. I blinked and glanced upwards, towards Nathan.

His eyes were shut, and his breathing was easy. I smiled up at him. It was one of my fantasies to see the boys asleep, and here one was, right in front of me.

“Oh, you’re awake are you?” Irish accent giving him away, I glanced to my left.

“How long was I asleep?” I whispered as I caught sight of Siva sat on the floor, stroking Elvis.

“Not sure; I came down at 8:30 and you were both asleep. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” He smiled, making my face heat up. The low murmurs in the background grew into a loud laugh that I could recognise anywhere. Tom, Max and Jay had arrived back, and were laughing in the kitchen.

“What time is it now, then?” I asked.


“Oh.” I sighed tiredly, then grimaced. Siva cocked his head curiously as the numbing prickly feeling crawled up my arm. “Pins and needles.” I moaned, trying to move my arm.

It was stuck between Nathan and the sofa.

“Just wake him up!” Siva laughed as I struggled.

“No!” I whispered. “He looks so peaceful.” I glanced back towards Nathan’s face, which did look content. Just looking at him made me yawn loudly.

Too loudly apparently, as a moment later he stirred stiffly, stretching awkwardly.

He noticed me and smiled down, making me turn a shade of pink.

“Hi.” I whispered.

“Morning.” He yawned.

Siva and I laughed at him.

I sat up as he realised that it was just late, not the next day.

“Oh shut it.” He said, throwing a cushion at Siva. “Are the others back?” He asked, stretching his arms.

“Yep!” Siva smiled. “In t’kitchen. Speaking of…”

“Yes, I’ll make you both a brew.” He rolled his eyes. “Two sugars?” He asked me. I nodded, happy that he remembered my preference.

He stood up, stretching again and revealing his back as his shirt rode up. I found it incredibly sexy, I’ll admit it.

“Ah, Seev.” I turned to him. “Any chance you can show me Terrence and Neptune?”

Siva’s face lit up in excitement. “Neptune has a new cap!” He enthused, standing up and going to get the mascots from upstairs.

Minutes past, and neither boys returned, so I decided to help Nathan make the teas.

As I approached the kitchen, the low murmur of voices became audible and I could hear Max, Tom and Nathan talking.

“… Ready in eight days!” Tom’s Bolton accent mused.

“But only if the decorator can fix the plaster on the ceiling. Oh, and if Jayne pays by Thursday.” Max added.

“That’s great!” Nathan’s voice was filled with excitement. “But what about Gemma?”

My heart stopped. Should I have just stepped in?

“She’ll have to stay here. Jayne said it, boys only.”

“Well I wouldn’t pull her out of college anyway…”

“She can visit!”

“It’s hours away, idiot!” A thud implied that Max had whacked Tom.

I backed away slowly, sitting back on the sofa.

The conversation meant one thing.

The new flats were ready.

Chapter 23

I sat still for a minute. We’d only just got together and he was moving away.

I knew it was going to happen, but not this soon!

Max had said in 8 days, they could move. 8 days.

I decided I wouldn’t mention it until Nathan did.

Siva returned a few seconds later, Terrence and Neptune under his arm.

We played around with them.

“Did the fans go then?” I asked Siva as I heard a car pass.

“Well…” He laughed. “Two of them are still there. They’re convinced we’ll come back out. They really want to marry Jay apparently.”

“Gosh.” I murmured. I could hear the rain patter on the roof above. “It’s raining.”

“I know.” He sighed. “I feel bad, but Jayne says that we can’t just randomly let fans in; they could be working for the paparazzi.” He glanced at me.

“Are you accusing Lucy and I of being sneaky reporters!?” I asked, feigning offence. “How dare you. I’m going to put this in the article; ‘Siva Kaneswaran hates fans’: secret source reveals all!’” He chuckled.

“I think you should give them your coat or something. You know that waterproof one?” I glanced to the coat hanger-thingy.

“We can’t.” Siva sighed again. “That’s on loan from a photo shoot.” I stared at him. “I know; Pixie and Cheryl get awesome, expensive dresses to keep and we get to borrow a coat. It’s very depressing.”

I laughed. Nathan came back in, struggling with the three teas. I stood up and took mine, helping him out. He smiled appreciatively.

“What are you talking about then?” He asked, handing Siva his tea.

“The fans outside.” I said.

“What?!” Nathan exclaimed. “I thought they were waiting for Max and Tom?”

“They want Jay, apparently.”

“And it’s raining.” I added.

“Then why isn’t Jay out there!?” Nathan asked.

“He’s been out!” Siva said. “Was out for an hour when you guys were sleeping. Got drenched. He’s just dried off.”

“Bloody hell.”

“I know.”

“I think you should all go to the window and ask them to leave.” I suggested.

“Do you think that’ll work?” Siva asked.

“As a fan myself, I’m sure of it.” I said.

“Okay then.” Siva placed his mug on the side table and went to get the others.

I waited in silence for him to leave, and then turned to Nathan, expecting him to tell me about the flats.

“What?” He asked after a moment, frowning. “Do I have something on my face?”

I smiled warmly. “No.”

He looked self conscious, and tried to catch a glimpse of his face in the reflection of the TV’s black ‘off’ screen.

I laughed at him, sipping my drink. “God Nath, your tea is delicious.” I exclaimed. “I’d forgotten how good it was!”

He smiled, amused. “I’ve had lots of practice.” He glanced towards the kitchen pointedly. I laughed, and Siva, Max, Tom and Jay entered.

“You awake then, sleepyhead?” Jay asked as he approached, ruffling my hair. I frowned, but then smiled up at him.

“Hi. Oh!” I smiled, remembering the text I’d received off Lucy after I told her I was going to watch a movie with Nathan. “By the way, Lucy says that she wants to keep you as a friend.” I continued. I glanced around to all the boys. “All of you.” I finished.

With a hint of guiltiness in his eyes, Jay smiled warmly. “Of course!” He chirped.

 I smiled at the group as they agreed.

“Right, let’s do this!” Tom said, fixing his hair quickly. Max mimicked him, making us laugh.

“Wait…” I said, sitting on the floor behind the sofa, out of window view. “Don’t want rumours to erupt!”

Nathan nodded, amused at my quick reaction.

I had to hide behind the sofa for 30 minutes whilst the boys made faces, talked to them through the window and then made an excuse that it was their ‘bed time’.

“You’re too good to fans.” I said as the curtains swung shut.

“We know.” They chorused, making us erupt into laughter.

Jay then got his phone out and tapped away, moving out of the room.

Tom followed him upstairs, announcing that he was going to bed.

Max agreed, following.

“Ah, Max will probably be back down in 10 minutes.” Nathan said, sitting down on the sofa and patting the chair next to him.

I sat down, and he threw his arm around me. Siva took our mugs (now empty) into the kitchen.

“Oh!” Nathan exclaimed, jumping up with a smile.

“What?” I asked.

“I got you something.” He beamed, standing up. “Late Christmas present!”

I raised one eyebrow. “You didn’t have to…”

He ignored me, and disappeared for a few seconds, re appearing with a bundle wrapped in The Wanted wrapping paper.

“What the..?” I laughed at the paper.

“We get this stuff for free, ‘cause we’re on it.” He explained, thrusting the present at me. “I saw this in the ‘merch’ box that we have yet to unpack yesterday and I thought it would suit the situation?”

I slowly peeled open the wrappings to reveal a pink hoody with “Nathan is my boyf!” On the front of it. I burst out laughing.

“Thank you!” I choked, hugging him.

I threw it over my shirt, laughing how it was 2 sizes too big. Nathan beamed at me the whole time.

“I best be getting home, if I’m honest.” I admitted after a second of snuggling up into the hoody.

“Okay, want me to drive you?” He asked, reaching for the car keys on the table.

“Yes, please.” I replied, standing. Nathan checked outside to see if the fans had cleared. Luckily for me, no one was there.

“BYE GUYS!” I called to the house as Nathan opened the door. A few muffled ‘Bye!’s came from behind me as I stepped out of the house.

We rushed to the car, as it’d started raining again.

I climbed in the passenger seat and closed the door, seat belting myself in.

“You remember where I live, right?” I asked.

Nathan laughed. “Yep!”

We drove in comfortable silence, and thanks to the hoody, I was warm without the heating on.

We pulled up outside my house just as the cold started creeping onto my skin.

“We’re here.” Nathan felt the need to announce.

“I can see that.” I replied, unbuckling my seatbelt. I turned to open the door, but felt something grab my arm.

I turned to see Nath looking at me.

I smiled, leaning in and kissing him. He kissed back immediately, smiling that I understood what he was waiting for.

We broke apart after a few seconds, and I rested my forehead on his. He could’ve told me about the new house…

I waited for a second for him to speak, but when he just stared into my eyes (lovingly, may I add), I knew he wasn’t going to say anything.

“Bye.” I whispered, pulling away.

He waved as I shut the car door and ran through the rain to my door step.

I waved back, before knocking on the door, disappointed that he didn’t tell me the news straight away.

Maybe he was waiting until another day so that this day wasn’t spoiled?

Chapter 24

That week Nathan and I barely spent a moment apart. He was always coming up with new ideas of where to go, what to do.

A lot of fans spotted us together, but luckily no one recognised me from the photo of the ice skating rink, and no one clicked on that we were a couple… even when we were holding hands in HMV and a particularly young fan came up to us and leapt on Nathan.

I had college to juggle as well, and although tiring, I managed it. Just.

The worst (and most confusing) part of the week was that Nathan didn’t tell me about the new houses being nearly ready.

I was supposed to be staying with Nathan the night before the boys were moving to the new houses, and I assumed he was going to tell me then.

So, before going to the boys’ house, I prepared myself for the feigned shock.

It hadn’t kicked in yet, I think, as I stood in front of the mirror, mouth agape and eyes wide.

That’s why I was happy as a clam as I skipped (metaphorically, of course) around to their house. I had sunglasses and a beanie on; my disguise to get past the lessened, but still prominent paparazzi surrounding the house.

I snuck through easily; one of them had broke the other’s camera and they were fighting; Heat against Reveal magazine paps, the best fight I’d ever seen.

I knocked once, and the door opened, a beaming Nathan stood there.

“Hi!” He chirped. I instantly cheered up; not that I was sad before, I just seem to come alive whenever I see Nathan’s face.

“Hi!” I replied, stepping through the door and pulling off my sunglasses.

The door shut behind me, and I pulled Nathan in for a kiss.

We’d become sort of… domesticated now; as if we were one person, moving at the same time, knowing what to say when.

“I cooked dinner.” Nathan explained as he dragged me to the kitchen. “The house is empty; Jay’s popped out with Siva and Nareesha to that new posh club, Max’s with Michelle somewhere and Tom’s at Kelsey’s place.”

“Mmm, so we’re allllll alone?” I asked, smiling cheekily at him as he ushered me through the kitchen door, towards the smell of juicy chicken.

He laughed and put his arms around my waist as we both waddled into the kitchen…

And were blinded by thick black smoke.

“Nath!” I turned to him.

His eyes were wide, and then he burst into laughter, making me laugh, as he  wafted his hands to clear some of the smoke, so he could make his way to the oven.

Most of the smoke escaped through the open kitchen door, but not far enough to set of the smoke alarm, thank God.

“Toast?” He offered, gesturing to the burnt-to-a-crisp chicken.

“Toast.” I replied, giggling as I grabbed the bottle of wine that had been left on the table.

I poured two glasses as Nathan discarded the chicken and put bread into the toaster.

“Butter?” He asked as they popped up. I put the bottle back on the table.

“No thanks, butter makes me gag.” I shivered.

“Fair dos.” He said. “Oh!” He exclaimed. “I have an idea. You pop some more toast in.”

I did as he said as he clattered a pan about, then added some oil or something.

“Bacon sandwiches?” I asked, laughing as he placed the bacon into the sizzling pan.

“I’m ace at this.” He said, turning the bacon over.

10 minutes later found us curled up on the sofa, tipsy from wine, full from sandwiches. The TV was on, but neither of us was watching it, as we were busy kissing each other.

Nathan ran his hands through my hair one last time before pulling away. I leaned forward, not expecting the sudden interruption.

I cocked my head to one side and tried not to giggle at the pink tinged lips he’d acquired from my lipstick.

“I need to tell you something.” Nathan said, his eyes downcast.

Finally! My insides screamed.

“Go on.” I said, stroking his face comfortingly.

“Well… the new houses.” He sighed. “They’re ready tomorrow. We’re leaving at 4am tomorrow morning to go to them.”

“I know.” I said, sighing. He frowned. “I heard Max tell you last week. Why did it take you so long to tell me?”

Nathan grimaced. “I don’t want to go.” He saw my expression and shook his head. “No! No I mean, I don’t want to leave the band, but I want to stay here, with you.” He sighed dramatically.

I think that’s the moment it hit me. Or maybe it was seeing the boxes that were once half empty full again.

My eyes filled up with self-pity, and my vision blurred as I turned away from Nathan, scrubbing my eyes.

“I don’t want you to go either. “ My voice cracked as he pulled me close, comforting me.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, tears streaming down my face and wetting his jumper.

“Call me.” I murmured.

“Hmm?” He asked soothingly.

“When you get to the new house.” I whispered. “And I want to see you off tomorrow morning. And free tickets to your tour.” I thought I’d try and milk some free stuff out of the situation.

It made him laugh.

“I’ll call you, I’ll text you, I’ll tweet you, I’ll send you snail-mail… Anything!” He replied. “You’ll be tired, but you’re welcome to stay here the night – no, that’s not me trying to score, it’s an honest, well-intentioned invitation.” I nodded, mouth curved into a smile. “But… the tour tickets will be hard. I mean, who knows if I can get you tickets, it’s not like I’m in the band or you know the band… you may even have to buy tickets off e-bay.”

I laughed, cuddling further into his embrace.

“I love you.” I murmured.

A pause, and I could hear his breathing, his heartbeat, the clock ticking on the wall and the TV tenfold as my heart sped, hoping it wasn’t too soon to admit my feelings.

“I love you too.” Nathan replied, pushing me away and looking into my eyes, honesty beaming from his eyes. I grinned widely and leaned forward, kissing him lovingly.

I called my mum to tell her that I was staying the night, so I could see Nathan off.

I also called Hannah and Lucy. Hannah said that she was with Jay in the posh club Nathan had mentioned before and would be staying the night too. Lucy, however, was unavailable; she texted me a few hours later saying that she had turned her phone off because she was out with her new man.

I showed the text to Jay who had come back early with Hannah to get a good night’s rest, and he wolf whistled.

The night past in a blur; Hannah and Jay went to bed, Tom returned around 1am, telling us that Max and Michelle were on the train to Manchester.

Siva and Nareesha came back, but Nareesha had to rush off at 2:30am.

Nathan and I did an all-nighter, staying up and talking about random, irrelevant things to stop me from bursting into tears thinking about how I’d have to go in college on Monday and there’d be no boyfriend to meet me afterwards and whisk me off my feet to head to Costa Coffee.

At 3, a knock on the door came and Jayne arrived, telling us to get a move on.

Nathan laughed and admitted that he hadn’t packed any of his clothes- as per usual.

Tom chipped in that nor had he.

Jayne was pulling her hair out as she ushered them upstairs to pack, telling them that if they didn’t pack it, it was going in the bin.

4am rolled around, painfully slow.

I was so tired that my eyes were drooping as Jayne shouted to the boys.

“The taxi’s here! Martin’s waiting for you!” She said, going upstairs to drag Jay out of bed.

I stood as Nathan rose too.

The room fell into silence as a complaining Tom and a moody Siva trudged out.

A thump and a giggle from upstairs told us that Hannah and Jay had woken up. Jayne’s voice was a distant whisper.

I moved close to Nathan, holding his hand possessively. He pulled me close to him, letting me take in his warmth.

As the couple (and Jayne) stumbled down the stairs, we had to move towards the door.

“Hannah.” I greeted a she and Jay moved over to us. Her eyes were red-rimmed, from a long night.

She yawned as Jay pulled her into a hug.

We stepped outside and Jayne locked the door. They still owned the house for a few days.

Nathan gave me a goodbye kiss and a long, lingering hug before waving and jumping into the taxi. From the corner of my eye I saw Jay replicate the acts of affection.

How could Nareesha, Kelsey and Michelle do this every time the boys left!?

Hannah stood close to me as Jayne stepped into the taxi, murmuring something to Martin. To my upmost delight, I could see Kev sat in the back, chatting animatedly.

Hannah began to sob as the car pulled out, all of the passengers waving at us.

I pulled her close as the car rounded the corner.

“Let’s go home.” I said, smiling at her.


1 1/2 months later…

"Hurry up, Lucy!" I called as I tied the laces on my converse. Hannah was sat on the stairs, fiddling with her bracelets.
"Coming!" Lucy’s voice came from upstairs, and then shuffling could be heard.
I checked my reflection in the mirror quickly; I’d thrown on some black eye shadow to make my eyes pop, and my lips were almost invisible; a new lipgloss from boots helped this effect.
"Go to the car!" Lucy shouted. "Keys are on the table!"
I turned and saw them. We were at Lucy’s house, getting ready for TWAT. We didn’t buy most wanted VIP when the tickets were available, but we’d been invited backstage by the band, which is something I never thought I’d say. Just one of the many perks of dating a member, I guess.
I dragged a nervous Hannah out to Lucy’s dad’s Ford effort of a car. I shoved Hannah in the back, making her squeak in surprise. I got in the front.
"Stop worrying, he’ll give you his new number tonight and life will be hunky dory." I told her, sighing in frustration. Hannah and Jay had lost contact because he lost his phone and therefore her number. I offered to send it to Nathan to give to Jay, but she refused because she ‘didn’t want to look desperate’.
Hannah sighed and started chewing at her nails.
A few moments of silence occurred, before Lucy broke it by clambering clumsily into the drivers seat. Although she always took hours to get ready, the time always paid off, and she looked lovely. Her hair was tied back into a French plait and her make-up was natural, but done to emphasise her features.
"Bloody hell Luce, you’d think your boyfriend’s in the support act, the way you’re dressed up!" I said, making us both giggle. She started to drive. Dan, her boyfriend of 4ish weeks had been asked (along with his band) to be The Wanted’s support act.
The Wild Marines, of course accepted.
It was a cold evening, and the sun had started to set, turning the sky orange.
Hannah looked just as stunning as Lucy. She’d back combed her hair so it would stick up, then put it into a bun. She didn’t have makeup on, apart from mascara. She had a pale blue knee length dress on and the highest heels I’d ever seen, which improved her already impossible height.
My two friends outshone me, even though I looked the best I had for a while.
Lucy took us straight to the arena. We were all nervous, especially because we’d been told to drive in though the back, the artist’s entrance.
As we approached, we could see kthe gaggle of girls anticipating the boys.
We must have fooled them with our fancy ford escort, because as the gates opened to let us in, they unblocked the road and screamed in hope. I don’t think they realised that the boys were already inside, finishing sound check.
We parked in they space the staff pointed at, then we got out.
"Gemma!!!" Someone screamed, and I turned. "Come back to twitter!" A blonde girl, who looked around 14, was beaming at me. All of the girls were. Oh, and the only two guys were too.
I laughed and shook my head.
"I can’t be arsed!" I replied. "Too much hate!"
She nodded understandingly. “Gemma, can I have a photo?” A brunette girl asked. I smiled and walked over. Nowadays, I was used to people wanting photos with me. It was weird, but sweet in a way.

I let her take the photo.

“Thanks!” She giggled to her friend, who looked quite scared. “When are the boys coming?”

I smiled as apologetically as I could. “Aw, I’m sorry, they’re already in there. The show’s starting in about an hour and they’re sound checking.” She looked distraught. “Have you got tickets to see them tonight?” The girl shook her head, no. Her friend started to tear up.

I sighed frustratedly.

“I could ask them to come out?” People who were listening in started to squeal, and the little girl’s eyes went wide.

“Could you do that!?”

“Yeah!” I laughed. “But I don’t know if they’ll listen. If Jayne tells them that they need to get ready, they have to follow orders. Martin tends to rush them to get ready, too.” I glanced back to the girls, Hannah was now shivering and Lucy was looking impatient. “I’ll go and ask.” I said, backing away. “But I can’t promise anything!” The girls nodded, before the whole crowd started to chat excitedly.

“Why did you get their hopes up?” Lucy moaned as we went in.

“Yeah, I wanted some alone time with Jay…” Hannah started. “If he remembers me.” She glanced at her feet.

“I didn’t think you guys were selfish!” I feigned shock as we turned a corner of the industrial-looking back stage. “Look, do you guys remember when we were in their position?” They nodded. “Exactly.” I finished.

We turned another corner to be faced with some burly-looking men.

“Well, hello ladies.” The fatter of the two greeted in a low voice. “Passes, please?”

I smiled sweetly, even though I hated security guards, and flashed them my pass which told them I was ‘With the band’.

The thinner, darker skinned one frowned and insisted on double checking the passes, whilst the fatter one eyed Lucy up and down.

She frowned, and stuck two fingers up at him as we passed. They laughed in that old perverted man way that makes me sick.

We got a little lost, until we bumped into Jayne.

“Gemma, darling!” She greeted, giving me a hug. She replicated the greeting with the others.

“Where are they, then?” I asked.

“Dressing room, just down there. First right.” She pointed behind her. “They may be indecent though, Martin forced them in there and locked the door.”

We giggled and said goodbye, half-hurrying down the corridor. Lucy got distracted by the door that had “SUPPORT ACTS” on it and ended up finding Dan in there, so it was just Hannah and I when we got to the room, Marting guarding the door like a hawk.

“Hi, Martin.” I greeted, poking his tummy. He grunted.

“Hi girls, looking for the dicks that you call boyfriends?” We nodded. “Yeah, they’re in there. But don’t expect them to listen to anything you say, they’re ignorant little twats.” We giggled, and the crowd outside re-entered my mind.

“Any chance they could get outside to meet the fans before the concert?” I asked. Martin laughed sarcastically.

“Can they fuck!” He laughed again. “Look, they’ve got so much to do, they probably won’t even be in time for the bloomin’ concert!”

I frowned. “Okay.” I sighed. “What about after?”

“…” Martin thought about it. “Well, that’s up to them, innit?”

“Thanks babe.” I giggled, poking his tummy again and entering the dressing room.

Hannah hadn’t spoken for a bit, and was clutching the back of my t-shirt as we entered the room of half-naked lads.

“HI GUYS!” I shouted, excited now that we were actually here. Jay was the first to turn, and upon spotting Hannah, ran up to her and hugger her, forcing her to let go of me. I could hear them whispering about phones as I receiver hugs off a half naked Tom and Max and a fully dressed but tired-looking Siva.

Nathan pushed Siva out of the way and pulled me into a kiss, making Max (or it could’ve been Tom, I can’t remember) wolf-whistle.

I smiled into the kiss as I wrapped my arms round Nathan’s shirtless torso.

“You shouldn’t wear a shirt more often.” I told him as we broke apart.

“Hello to you, too.” He smiled at me, covering his nipples jokingly. I giggled.

“Are you guys going out the back afterwards?” I asked the room.

“In the car.” Max replied.

“Oh.” I replied, exasperated.

“What’s up?” Nath asked, wrapping his arms around me.

“I just told some girls I’d get you to go out afterwards.” I sighed. “I told them I couldn’t promise anything, but now they’re relying on me.”

Nathan glanced at Jay.

“It’ll be late.” Jay spoke up. I noticed Hannah had been worried about nothing; she was curled up under his arm on the sofa. “That’s all. We’ll all be tired.”

I nodded.  “It’s okay. Just… tweet that you know they exist?” He nodded and Nath ruffled my hair.


“WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO, MARTIN?” Jay called back.


“EAT CURRY? FINE THEN.” The band giggled at the banter.

Martin bounded through the door. “You need to fucking hurry, idiot!” He said, lunging for Jay, who held up his hands in defence whilst he giggled.

“Bloody hell, Martin, you should’ve just said!” Max said, strolling out the door.

“Yeah, no need to shout!” Tom replied, following Max.

“Don’t you two wander off! Go straight to the right of the stage!” Martin called, ignoring their comments.

Siva followed, now texting furiously. Jay and Hannah gestured for Nathan (who had now put his top on; a green v-neck style top with some weird writing on the back) and I to lead the way. Nath grabbed my hand and did just that, taking me the ‘quick way’.

We caught up on things that you can’t discuss properly via texting and phoning for a bit before the arena filled up so much that you could hear the chatter from backstage. That was cue for the first support act, Fanfair to go on.

The boys looked a little anxious now, so I slipped my hand into Nath’s and rubbed it gently. He smiled warmly at me.

The screams for Fanfair were unbelievable.

“Gem, should we go to the standing area?” We had free most wanted VIP passes, yeah.

“Yeah, we better get going.” I turned to Nathan as Fanfair announced the current song as their last.

He kissed me goodbye and I whispered a “Good luck!”.

Hannah dragged me away as we waved at the band. She looked happier now, which made me happy.

We somehow met up with Lucy on our way to the standing area; she also looked happy, which was good.

The Wild Marines were already onstage, performing their debut single when we got into the crowd. Lucy screamed Dan’s name until the drummer found her gaze and gave her a cheeky wink, making her squeak in excitement.

Somehow during the kafuffle of the band’s last song, we ended up second row from the front, which was pretty lucky.

The painful 10 minutes between The Wild Marines’ set and The Wanted’s were filled, thankfully, by Lucy’s nattering about how good of a drummer Dan is, and how nice he is to her, and how hot he is, and how his curly hair reminds her of Harry Styles’.

Hannah and I nodded and giggled at the dirty looks the girls around us gave Lucy when she shouted Harry’s name out.

Then, all of a sudden, a bang was heard, then some music came on.

The screams! There’s nothing like an arena full of girls (and a few guys, most dragged there by their girlfriends, some genuine fans) screaming in unison.

The video intro came on, making me quite excited and reminiscent of the Behind Bars Tour. Hannah grabbed my hand and I assumed she grabbed Lucy’s too as Jay’s name came up, big on the screen. The people behind us wouldn’t stop pushing, and I held onto Hannah’s hand for dear life as I was dragged first left, then right, then left again.

“You’re in control…” Tom was suddenly there, singing Lightning. I screamed instinctively.

Jay was there then, beaming out, making Hannah scream.

Max was up, and the mysterious backing vocals sounded like Nathan and Siva, but they weren’t anywhere in sight… yet.

Suddenly, a flash! Siva was there, an explosion on the screen behind him, a backing dancer circling him.

Finally, my boyfriend appeared, looking as good-looking as ever, his eyes shining with adrenaline as the girl circled him for his solo.

They finished Lightning, having gotten everyone to jump in the instrumental section, and Max laughed at Tom, before picking up his microphone.

“WELL, HELLO!” His voice boomed around the arena, reaching every corner. I could swear I heard a proud sob from Hannah, but the boys had me transfixed, I couldn’t tear my gaze away as they continued the storyline of the concert.

I was really glad about that; the storyline, that is. I love concerts that are build on one idea. Like an extended metaphor in a poem; the idea is carried on throughout.

The setlist was amazing; the whole of Battleground, All Time Low and Personal Soldier. The encore consisted of Glad You Came and Rock Your Body.

Half way through, Nathan caught my eye and sang to me; it was possibly the most romantic thing he’d ever done, especially since he chose I’ll Be Your Strength to do it.

I may or may not have let a few tears slip then, myself. Hannah, however, seemed to be blubbering throughout the whole thing. Maybe it was Jay reaching down to the audience during Last To Know and making sure he grabbed her hand.

Either way, as distracting as it was, I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. She only ever cried during films like Titanic or whilst listening to Justin Bieber (of course, I cry through Bieber songs because they’re terrible, not because he’s so romantic and, ‘oh my God, he loves us all, doesn’t he?’ as Hannah puts it), so crying over Jay meant that she really loved him.

Afterwards, people filed out as quickly as they could, some trying to get home, some going round the back.

I felt guilty that the boys weren’t going round the back, but there was nothing I could do; they were right, it was nearing 12am and if I was tired, then I couldn’t imagine the state they were in.

Lucy, Hannah and I dragged ourselves through the crowd and round the back; we didn’t need to meet up with the boys, we were staying in the same hotel as them for the night.

As we got to our cars, a Mexican wave of screams erupted and I frowned; we weren’t even famous, screaming was a bit over the top!

Then Hannah gasped excitedly and tapped my shoulder, and I realised the fans weren’t looking at us.

Nathan had come out.

And so had Jay.

And Siva.

And Max.

And Tom.

Kev was there, for security reasons of course, but even Martin had joined the party!

I smiled proudly as Nathan winked at me from where he was signing a girl’s poster. I’d done it; I’d made some fans happy!

We got in our car and watched as the crowd weeped with happiness, and slowly dispersed. Sometimes (not always), giving the fans what they wanted was best for a band.

The boys waved in our direction as Kev told the remaining fans to back off so they could open the gates.

Out of courtesy (and to make an opening for them), Martin let us drive out first, the crowd swarming our car for no apparent reason. I spotted the brunette who was waving furiously at me. She beamed and held up her signed poster proudly, her eyes shining with happiness. Her little friend was beaming too, and for a moment, I was overwhelmed with love for the fanmily.

We arrived at the hotel with the boys, tired and stressed from lack of sleep. There was a crowd of 4 people at the hotel, which was good for the boys, and they were satisfied easily.

One of the older fans (she seemed to be 20) gave me a dirty look as Nathan grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hotel, but I just giggled friendly at her to prove that hate and jealousy didn’t affect me, but she didn’t stop glaring as he pulled me through the glass doors and danced with me playfully in the lobby as Martin checked in.

I felt grown up somehow, as Nathan snored next to me in our double bed at 2am. I’d never had a famous boyfriend (obviously) and I’d never spent a night in a hotel without my parents (sad, but true).

As I fell asleep, I knew Nathan and I had many adventures to come. Some would be in the form of challenges, but some would end in happiness and good memories.

I’m sure we’d have a happy ending.


(until the spin off one shots are released…)

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